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closedAccess2018Diverse water quality responses to extreme climate events: an introductionKaushal, S. S.; Gold, Arthur J.; Bernal, Susana  ; Tank, J. L.artículo
closedAccess2018River network saturation concept: factors influencing the balance of biogeochemical supply and demand of river networksWollheim, W. M.; Bernal, Susana  ; Burns, D. A.; Czuba, J. A.; Driscoll, C. T.; Hansen, A. T.; Hensley, R. T.; Hosen, J. D.; Inamdar, S.; Kaushal, S. S.; Koenig, L. E.; Lu, Y. H.; Marzadri, A.; Raymond, P. A.; Scott, D.; Stewart, R. J.; Vidon, P. G.; Wohl, E.artículo
closedAccessDec-2009Twenty-six key research questions in urban stream ecology: an assessment of the state of the scienceWenger, S. J.; Roy, A. H.; Jackson, C. R.; Bernhardt, E. S.; Carter, T. L.; Filoso, S.; Gibson, C. A.; Hession, W. C.; Kaushal, S. S.; Martí, Eugènia ; Meyer, J. L.; Palmer, Margaret A.; Paul, M. J.; Purcell, A. H.; Ramirez, A.; Rosemond, A. D.; Schofield, K. A.; Sudduth, E. B.; Walsh, C. J.artículo
closedAccess2018Watershed ‘chemical cocktails’: forming novel elemental combinations in Anthropocene fresh watersKaushal, S. S.; Gold, Arthur J.; Bernal, Susana  ; Newcomer Johnson, Tammy A.; Addy, Kelly; Burgin, Amy; Burns, D. A.; Coble, A. A.; Hood, Eran; Lu, YueHan; Mayer, Paul; Minor, Elizabeth C.; Schroth, Andrew W.; Vidon, P. G.; Wilson, Henry; Xenopoulos, Marguerite A.; Doody, Thomas; Galella, Joseph G.; Goodling, Phillip; Haviland, Katherine; Shahan, Haq; Wessel, Barret; Wood, Kelsey L.; Jaworski, Norbert; Belt, Kenneth T.artículo