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openAccessBuchaca 2016.pdf.jpg2016Discovering hidden biodiversity: the use of complementary monitoring of fish diet based on DNA barcoding in freshwater ecosystemsJo, Hyunbin; Ventura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Vidal, Nicolas; Gim, Jeong-Soo; Buchaca, Teresa CSIC ORCID ; Barmuta, L.A.; Jeppesen, Erik; Joo, Gea-Jaeartículo
openAccess2009Effects of fixation on freshwater invertebrate carbon and nitrogen isotope composition and its arithmetic correction.Ventura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Jeppesen, Erikartículo
openAccessJul-2008Effects of increased temperature and nutrient enrichment on the stoichiometry of primary producers and consumers in temperate shallow lakes.Ventura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Liboriussen, L.; Lauridsen, T.; Sondergaard, Martin; Sondergaard, Morten; Jeppesen, Erikartículo
embargoedAccesss10750-023-05352-x.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2023Effects of induced changes in salinity on inland and coastal water ecosystems: editor summaryJeppesen, Erik; Cañedo-Argüelles, Miguel CSIC ORCID; Entrekin, Sally; Sarma, S. S.S.; Padisák, Juditartículo
openAccess2010Evaluating the need for acid treatment prior to δ 13C and δ 15N analysis of freshwater fish scales: Effects of varying scale mineral content, lake productivity and CO 2 concentrationVentura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Jeppesen, Erikartículo
openAccessTasmanian manuscript Vidal 2019_FinalVersion.pdf.jpg2020Interaction between non-native predatory fishes and native galaxiids (Pisces: Galaxiidae) shapes food web structure in Tasmanian lakesVidal, Nicolas; Trochine, Carolina; Amsinck, S. L.; Barmuta, L.A.; Christoffersen, K. S.; Ventura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Buchaca, Teresa CSIC ORCID ; Landkildehus, Frank; Hardie, Scott A.; Meerhoff, Mariana; Jeppesen, Erikartículo
openAccessMo_et_al_2021.pdf.jpgJun-2021Low shifts in salinity determined assembly processes and network stability of microeukaryotic plankton communities in a subtropical urban reservoirMo, Yuanyuan; Peng, Feng; Gao, Xiaofei; Xiao, Peng CSIC ORCID; Logares, Ramiro CSIC ORCID ; Jeppesen, Erik; Ren, Kexin; Xue, Yuanyuan; Yang, Junartículo
closedAccess2009Paleolimnological evidence of the effects on lakes of energy and mass transfer from climate and humansLeavitt, P. R.; Fritz, S. C.; Anderson, N. J.; Baker, P. A.; Blenckner, T.; Bunting, L.; Catalán, Jordi CSIC ORCID; Conley, Daniel J.; Hobbs, W. O.; Jeppesen, Erik; Korhola, A.; McGowan, S.; Rühland, K.; Rusak, J. A.; Simpson, G. L.; Solovieva, N.; Werne, J.artículo
closedAccessBuchaca_etalFWB2019.pdf.jpg2019Pigments in surface sediments of South American shallow lakes as an integrative proxy for primary producers and their driversBuchaca, Teresa CSIC ORCID ; Kosten, Sarian; Lacerot, Gisell; Mazzeo, Nestor; Kruk, Carla; Huszar, Vera L. M.; Lotter, A. F.; Jeppesen, Erikartículo
closedAccessMay-2010Rapid changes in fish community structure and habitat distribution following the precipitation of lake phosphorus with aluminiumLund, Stephan S.; Ventura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Jeppesen, Erikartículo
closedAccess2011Rapid Ecological Shift Following Piscivorous Fish Introduction to Increasingly Eutrophic and Warmer Lake Furnas (Azores Archipelago, Portugal): A Paleoecological ApproachBuchaca, Teresa CSIC ORCID ; Skov, T.; Amsinck, S. L.; Gonçalves, V.; Azevedo, J. M. N.; Andersen, T. J.; Jeppesen, Erikartículo
closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Responses of fish assemblage structure to large-scale weir construction in riverine ecosystemsJo, Hyunbin; Jeppesen, Erik; Ventura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Buchaca, Teresa CSIC ORCID ; Gim, Jeong-Soo; Yoon, Ju-Duk; Kim, Dong-Hwan; Joo, Gea-Jaeartículo
openAccess1-s2.0-S0048969722013110-main.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2022Seabird-mediated transport of organohalogen compounds to remote sites (North West Greenland polynya)Nagar, Nupur; Bartrons, Mireia CSIC ORCID; Brucet, Sandra; Davidson, Thomas A; Jeppesen, Erik; Grimalt, Joan O. CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccess2009The role of light for fish-zooplankton-phytoplankton interactions during winter in shallow lakes – a climate change perspectiveBramm, M. E.; Lassen, M. K.; Liboriussen, L.; Richardson, Katherine; Ventura, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Jeppesen, Erikartículo