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closedAccess2013Absorption efficiency of mussels Mytilus edulis and Mytilus galloprovincialis cultured under Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture conditions in the Bay of Fundy (Canada) and Ría Ares-Betanzos (Spain)Irisarri, Jade ; Fernández-Reiriz, María José ; Robinson, Shawn M. C.; Cranford, Peter J.; Labarta, Uxío artículo
closedAccess2014Effects of seasonal variations in phytoplankton on the bioenergetic responses of mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) held on a raft in the proximity of red sea bream (Pagellus bogaraveo) net-pensIrisarri, Jade ; Fernández-Reiriz, María José ; Cranford, Peter J.; Labarta, Uxío artículo
embargoedAccessFatty_acid_composition_mytilus.pdf.jpg2015Fatty acid composition in Mytilus galloprovincialis organs: trophic interactions, sexual differences and differential anatomical distributionFernández-Reiriz, María José ; Garrido, J. L. ; Irisarri, Jade artículo
closedAccess2014Fatty acids as tracers of trophic interactions between seston, mussels and biodeposits in a coastal embayment of mussel rafts in the proximity of fish cagesIrisarri, Jade ; Fernández-Reiriz, María José ; De Troch, Marleen; Labarta, Uxío artículo
openAccessFlexibility_Physiological_Traits.pdf.jpg2016Flexibility of physiological traits underlying inter-individual growth differences in intertidal and subtidal mussels Mytilus galloprovincialisFernández-Reiriz, María José ; Irisarri, Jade ; Labarta, Uxío artículo
closedAccess2014Growth variations within a farm of mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) held near fish cages: Importance for the implementation of integrated aquacultureIrisarri, Jade ; Cubillo, Alhambra ; Fernández-Reiriz, María José ; Labarta, Uxío artículo
openAccessTesis_Jade_Irisarri.pdf.jpg2015Integration of physiological energetics, biometrics, proximate composition and fatty acids as biomarkers to assess the utilization of fish feed waste by mussels growing near fish cagesIrisarri, Jade tesis doctoral
closedAccess2015Temporal and spatial variations in proximate composition and Condition Index of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis cultured in suspension in a shellfish farmIrisarri, Jade ; Fernández-Reiriz, María José ; Labarta, Uxío artículo