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closedAccessDec-1989The axial-vector strength in the proton-rich argon isotopesGarcía Borge, María José ; Hansen, P. G.; Jonson, B.; Mattsson, S.; Nyman, G.; Richter, Achim W.; Riisager, K.; ISOLDE Collaborationartículo
closedAccess6-Mar-2003Beta-decay of the N = Z nucleus Kr-72Piqueras, Inmaculada; García Borge, María José ; Dessagne, Ph.; Giovinazzo, J.; Huck, A.; Jokinen, A.; Knipper, A.; Longour, C.; Marguier, G.; Ramdhane, M.; Rauch, V.; Tengblad, Olof  ; Walter, G.; Miehé, Ch.; ISOLDE Collaborationartículo
closedAccess4-Nov-1993Beta-decay to the proton halo state in 17FGarcía Borge, María José ; Deding, J.; Hansen, P. G.; Jonson, B.; Martínez Pinedo, Gabriel; Møller, P.; Nyman, G.; Poves, Alfredo ; Richter, Achim W.; Riisager, K.; Tengblad, Olof  ; ISOLDE Collaborationartículo
closedAccess19-Dec-1988Beta-delayed proton and alpha emission in the decay of 17NeGarcía Borge, María José ; Cronberg, H.; Cronqvist, M.; Gabelmann, H.; Hansen, P. G.; Johannsen, L.; Jonson, B.; Mattsson, S.; Nyman, G.; Richter, Achim W.; Riisager, K.; Tengblad, Olof  ; Tomaselli, M.; ISOLDE Collaborationartículo
closedAccess22-Apr-2002Implications on obtained data, electronics and DAQ-system by the use of dense detector setups in beta-decay studiesTengblad, Olof  ; García Borge, María José ; Fraile, Luis M. ; Bergmann, U. C.; Fynbo, H. O. U.; Riisager, K.; Jonson, B.; Nilsson, T.; Nyman, G.; Wenander, F.; IS339 Collaboration; IS361 Collaboration; ISOLDE Collaborationartículo
closedAccess14-Apr-1997Super-strong β-decay of Li-11 into Be-11* (18 MeV) state: A probe for halo p-wave component?Mukha, I. ; García Borge, María José ; Guillemaud-Mueller, D.; Hornshøj, P.; Humbert, F.; Jonson, B.; Leth, T. E.; Martínez Pinedo, Gabriel; Nilsson, T.; Nyman, G.; Riisager, K.; Schrieder, G.; Smedberg, M. H.; Tengblad, Olof  ; ISOLDE Collaborationartículo