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openAccessseebeck_diode_Hwang.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2016A hybrid superconducting quantum dot acting as an efficient charge and spin Seebeck diodeHwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessquantum_dots_Hwang.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2015Cross thermoelectric coupling in normal-superconductor quantum dotsHwang, Sun-Yong; López, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccesssuperconducting_device_Hwang.pdf.jpg8-Aug-2016Large thermoelectric power and figure of merit in a ferromagnetic–quantum dot–superconducting deviceHwang, Sun-Yong; López, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccessmagnetic-field_asymmetry_Hwang.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2013Magnetic-field asymmetry of nonlinear thermoelectric and heat transportHwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  ; Lee, Minchul; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessnonlinear_electric.pdf.jpgOct-2017Nonlinear electric and thermoelectric Andreev transport through a hybrid quantum dot coupled to ferromagnetic and superconducting leadsHwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessHwang_2018_J._Phys.__Conf._Ser._969_012139.pdf.jpg2018Nonlinear heat transport in ferromagnetic-quantum dot-superconducting systemsHwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccessnonlinear_spin-thermoelectric_Hwang.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2014Nonlinear spin-thermoelectric transport in two-dimensional topological insulatorsHwang, Sun-Yong; López, Rosa  ; Lee, Minchul; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccessproposal_local_heating_Hwang.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2013Proposal for a local heating driven spin current generatorHwang, Sun-Yong; Lim, Jong-Soo ; López, Rosa  ; Lee, Minchul; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccessthermoelectric_effects_Lopez.pdf.jpg2014Thermoelectric effects in quantum Hall systems beyond linear responseLópez, Rosa  ; Hwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  artículo