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embargoedAccessGomez_Benchmarking_tetrahedron_postprint_2019.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2019Benchmarking of laboratory evolved unspecific peroxygenases for the synthesis of human drug metabolitesGómez de Santos, Patricia ; Cervantes, Fadia V.; Tieves, Florian; Plou Gasca, Francisco José  ; Hollmann, Frank; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  artículo
openAccessBeilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry_2018.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2018Biocatalytic synthesis of the Green Note trans-2-hexenal in a continuous-flow microreactorVan Schie, M.M.C.H.; De Almeida, T.P.; Laudadio, G.; Tieves, Florian; Fernández-Fueyo, Elena ; Noël, T.; Arends, I.W.C.E.; Hollmann, Frankartículo
openAccessVam_Schie_Cascading_acscatal.9b01341.pdf.jpg2019Cascading g-C3N4 and Peroxygenases for Selective Oxyfunctionalization ReactionsVan-Schie, Morten; Zhang, Wuyuan; Tieves, Florian; Choi, D.S.; Park, C.B.; Burek, B.O.; Bloh, Jonathan Z.; Arends, I.W.C.E.; Paul, C.E.; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Hollmann, Frankartículo
openAccessTieves_Energising_Tetrahedrom_2019.pdf.jpg2019Energising the E-factor: The E+-factorTieves, Florian; Tonin, Fabio; Fernández-Fueyo, Elena ; Robbins, John M.; Bommarius, Bettina; Bommarius, Andreas S.; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Hollmann, Frankartículo
openAccessWillot_Expanding_acscatal.8b03752.pdf.jpg2019Expanding the Spectrum of Light-Driven Peroxygenase ReactionsWillot, S.J.P.; Fernández-Fueyo, Elena ; Tieves, Florian; Pesic, Milja; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Arends, W.C.E. Isabel; Park, Chan Beum; Hollmann, Frankartículo
openAccessPesic_Multienzymati_Z_Naturforsch_2019.pdf.jpg2019Multienzymatic in situ hydrogen peroxide generation cascade for peroxygenase-catalysed oxyfunctionalisation reactionsPesic, Milja; Willot, S.J.P.; Fernández-Fueyo, Elena ; Tieves, Florian; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Hollmann, Frankartículo
openAccessMa_Natural_cctc.201901842.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2020Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents as Performance Additivesfor Peroxygenase CatalysisMa, Yanhang; Li, Yongru; Ali, Shahid; Li, Peilin; Zhang, Wuyuan; Rauch, Marine C. R.; Willot, Sébastien J.-P.; Ribitsch, Doris; Choi, Young Hae; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Hollmann, Frank; Wang, Yonghuaartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Photoenzymatic Hydroxylation of Ethylbenzene Catalyzed by Unspecific Peroxygenase: Origin of Enzyme Inactivation and the Impact of Light Intensity and TemperatureBurek, Bastian O.; de-Boer, Sabrina R.; Tieves, Florian; Zhang, Wuyuan; Van-Schie, Morten; Bormann, Sebastian; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Holtmann, Dirk; Hollmann, Frank; Bahnemann, Detlef W.; Bloh, Jonathan Z.artículo
openAccessAngewChemIntEd2017.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2017Selective Activation of C−H Bonds in a Cascade Process Combining Photochemistry and BiocatalysisZhang, Wuyuan; Burek, Bastian O.; Fernández-Fueyo, Elena ; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Bloh, Jonathan Z.; Hollmann, Frankartículo
openAccessNATCATAL-17050004-T_revised.pdf.jpgJan-2018Selective aerobic oxidation reactions using a combination of photocatalytic water oxidation and enzymatic oxyfunctionalizationsZhang, Wuyuan; Fernández-Fueyo, Elena ; Ni, Yan; van schie, Morten; Gacs, Jenö; Renirie, Rokus; Wever, Ron; Mutti, Francesco G.; Rother, Dörte; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Hollmann, Frankartículo
openAccesshuman_drug_metabolite_Gomez.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2018Selective Synthesis of the Human Drug Metabolite 5′-Hydroxypropranolol by an Evolved Self-Sufficient PeroxygenaseGómez de Santos, Patricia ; Cañelas, Marina; Tieves, Florian; Younes, Sabry H. H.; Molina-Espeja, Patricia  ; Hofrichter, Martin; Hollmann, Frank; Guallar, Victor; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  artículo
openAccessperoxygenase-catalyzed_Fernandez.pdf.jpgDec-2016Towards preparative peroxygenase-catalyzed oxyfunctionalization reactions in organic mediaFernández-Fueyo, Elena ; Ni, Yan; Gómez Baraibar, Álvaro; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Hollmann, Frankartículo