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openAccessFPA2014-58183-P-constrained.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2016A constrained supersymmetric left-right modelHirsch, Martin ; Krauss, Manuel E.; Opferkuch, Toby; Porod, Werner ; Staub, Florianartículo
openAccessA4-based.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2009A4-based tri-bimaximal mixing within inverse and linear seesaw schemesHirsch, Martin ; Morisi, Stefano; Valle, José W. F. artículo
openAccessFPA2014-58183-P-Double beta.pdf.jpg19-May-2015Double beta decay and neutrino mass modelsHelo, Juan Carlos; Hirsch, Martin ; Ota, T.; Santos, F. A. Pereira dosartículo
openAccessFPA2014-58183-P-Falsifying.pdf.jpg6-Aug-2015Falsifying high-scale baryogenesis with neutrinoless double beta decay and lepton flavor violationDeppisch, Frank F.; Harz, Julia; Huang, Wei-Chih; Hirsch, Martin ; Päs, Heinrichartículo
openAccessesteves.pdf.jpg5-May-2009Flavour violation at the LHC: type-I versus type-II seesaw in minimal supergravityEsteves, J. N.; Hirsch, Martin ; Porod, Werner ; Romao, J. C.; Valle, José W. F. ; Villanova del Moral, Albert artículo
openAccessthe hunt.pdf.jpg5-May-2010The Hunt for New Physics at the Large Hadron ColliderNath, Pran; Valle, José W. F. ; Hirsch, Martin ; Morisi, Stefano; Heinemeyer, Sven  ; Santiago, J.artículo
openAccessLHC and lepton.pdf.jpgDec-2010LHC and lepton flavour violation phenomenology of a left-right extension of the MSSMEsteves, J. N.; Romao, J. C.; Hirsch, Martin ; Vicente, Avelino ; Porod, Werner ; Staub, Florianartículo
openAccessFPA2014-58183-P-LHC dijet.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2015LHC dijet constraints on double beta decayHelo, Juan Carlos; Hirsch, Martin artículo
openAccessbartl.pdf.jpg29-May-2009LHC phenomenology of the mu nu SSMBartl, Alfred; Hirsch, Martin ; Liebler, S.; Porod, Werner ; Vicente, Avelino artículo
openAccesshirsch.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2009Majoron emission in muon and tau decays revisitedHirsch, Martin ; Meyer, J.; Porod, Werner ; Vicente, Avelino artículo
openAccessMinimal_supergravity.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2007Minimal supergravity radiative effects on the tri-bimaximal neutrino mixing patternHirsch, Martin ; Ma, Ernest; Romao, J. C.; Valle, José W. F. ; Villanova del Moral, Albert artículo
openAccessSupersymmetric.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2010Minimal supersymmetric inverse seesaw: neutrino masses, lepton flavour violation and LHC phenomenologyHirsch, Martin ; Kernreiter, T.; Romao, J. C.; Villanova del Moral, Albert artículo
closedAccess5-Feb-2009Modelling tribimaximal neutrino mixingHirsch, Martin ; Morisi, Stefano; Valle, José W. F. artículo
closedAccess13-Mar-2009The neutrino mass matrix and (selected) variants of A(4)Hirsch, Martin artículo
openAccessgu.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2009Neutrino masses, leptogenesis, and dark matter in a hybrid seesaw modelGu, P.H.; Hirsch, Martin ; Sarkar, U.; Valle, José W. F. artículo
openAccessNeutrinoless double.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2013Neutrinoless double beta decay and lepton number violation at the LHCHelo, Juan Carlos; Kovalenko, S. G.; Hirsch, Martin ; Päs, Heinrichartículo
openAccessHirsch_et_al_PRL99_151802_2007.pdf.jpg12-Oct-2007Predictive flavor symmetries of the neutrino mass matrixHirsch, Martin ; Joshipura, Anjan S.; Kaneko, Satoru; Valle, José W. F. artículo
openAccessprobing.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2010Probing neutrino oscillations in supersymmetric models at the Large Hadron ColliderValle, José W. F. ; Porod, Werner ; Hirsch, Martin ; Campos, F. de; Eboli, O. J. P.; Magro, M. B.; Restrepo, Diegoartículo
openAccessProposal.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2013Proposal for generalised supersymmetry Les Houches Accord for see-saw models and PDG numbering schemeBasso, Lorenzo; Belyaev, A.; Chowdhury, D.; Hirsch, Martin ; Khalil, S.; Moretti, S.; O'Leary, B.; Porod, Werner ; Staub, Florianartículo
openAccessFPA2014-58183-P-QCD running.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2016QCD running in neutrinoless double beta decay: Short-range mechanismsGonzález, Marcela; Hirsch, Martin ; Kovalenko, S. G.artículo