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openAccessCentaurea cineraria.pdf.jpg2011Evolution of the central Mediterranean Centaurea cineraria group (Asteraceae): Evidence for relatively recent, allopatric diversification following transoceanic seed dispersal.Hilpold, Andreas; Schönswetter, Peter; Susanna de la Serna, Alfonso  ; Garcia-Jacas, Núria  ; Vilatersana, Roser  artículo
closedAccess10-Dec-2014On the identity of a Centaurea population on Procida Island, Italy: Centaurea corensis rediscoveredHilpold, Andreas; López-Alvarado, Javier; Garcia-Jacas, Núria  ; Farris, Emmanueleartículo
closedAccessAug-2014Phylogeny of the Centaurea group (Centaurea, Compositae) – Geography is a better predictor than morphologyHilpold, Andreas; Vilatersana, Roser  ; Susanna de la Serna, Alfonso  ; Meseguer, Andrea S.; Boršićc, Igor; Constantinidis, T. H.; Filigheddu, Rossella; Romaschenko, Kostyantyn; Suárez-Santiago, Víctor N.; Tugay, Osman; Uysal, Tuna; Pfeilh, Bernard E.artículo
openAccesstaxonomical-nomenclatural-notes-centaurea-garcia-jacas2014.pdf.jpgDec-2014Taxonomical and nomenclatural notes on Centaurea: A proposal of classification, a description of new sections and subsections, and a species list of the redefined section CentaureaHilpold, Andreas; Garcia-Jacas, Núria  ; Vilatersana, Roser  ; Susanna de la Serna, Alfonso  artículo
openAccess28.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2009Two additions to the Jacea-Lepteranthus complex: parallel adaptation in the enigmatic species Centaurea subtilis and C. exarataHilpold, Andreas; Garcia-Jacas, Núria  ; Vilatersana, Roser  ; Susanna de la Serna, Alfonso  artículo