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openAccess40462_2017_Article_100.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2017A few long versus many short foraging trips: different foraging strategies of lesser kestrel sexes during breedingHernández-Pliego, Jesús; Rodríguez, Carlos ; Bustamante, Javier  artículo
openAccess40462_2017_Article_103.pdf.jpg10-May-2017Correlated velocity models as a fundamental unit of animal movement: synthesis and applicationsGurarie, Eliezer; Fleming, Christen H.; Fagan, William F.; Laidre, Kristin L.; Hernández-Pliego, Jesús; Ovaskainen, O.artículo
openAccessArtículo aguilucho 5Jun15.pdf.jpg2015Effects of wind farms on Montagu's harrier (Circus pygargus) in southern SpainHernández-Pliego, Jesús; Lucas, Manuela de ; Muñoz, Antonio-Román; Ferrer, Miguel artículo
openAccess2017Flexible foraging strategy of a bird in relation to weather conditionsHernández-Pliego, Jesús; Rodríguez, Carlos ; Dell'Omo, Giacomo; Bustamante, Javier  dataset
openAccessPhD_J.Hernandez-Pliego_Cover (1).pdf.jpg2016Foraging behavior of the lesser kestrel under the Movement Ecology paradigm revealed using biologgersHernández-Pliego, Jesústesis doctoral
openAccessbustamante.pdf.jpgSep-2014Gone with the wind: Seasonal trends in foraging movement directions for a central-place foragerHernández-Pliego, Jesús; Rodríguez, Carlos ; Bustamante, Javier  artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0050336.pdf.jpg2012The Eye in the Sky: Combined Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems and GPS Data Loggers for Ecological Research and Conservation of Small BirdsRodríguez, Airam ; Negro, Juan J. ; Mulero-Pázmány, Margarita; Rodríguez, Carlos ; Hernández-Pliego, Jesús; Bustamante, Javier  ; Bustamante, Javier  artículo
openAccess2015Why do kestrels soar?Hernández-Pliego, Jesús; Rodríguez, Carlos ; Bustamante, Javier  dataset