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openAccesss12983-020-00360-2.pdf.jpg2020A protective nesting association with native species counteracts biotic resistance for the spread of an invasive parakeet from urban into rural habitatsHernández-Brito, Dailos; Blanco, Guillermo  ; Carrete, Martina ; Tella, José L.artículo
openAccess10992-18056-3-PB.pdf.jpg2014Alien rose-ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri) attack black rats (Rattus rattus) sometimes resulting in deathHernández-Brito, Dailos; Luna, Amparo; Carrete, Martina ; Tella, José Luis artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0100593.pdf.jpg2014Crowding in the City: Losing and Winning Competitors of an Invasive BirdHernández-Brito, Dailos; Carrete, Martina ; Popa-Lisseanu, Ana G.; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Tella, José Luis artículo
openAccess172477.full.pdf.jpg2018Nest-site competition and killing by invasive parakeets cause the decline of a threatened bat populationHernández-Brito, Dailos; Carrete, Martina ; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Juste, Javier ; Tella, José Luis artículo
openAccess1540-9295-13%2E6%2E338.pdf.jpg2015Parrots as overlooked seed dispersersTella, José Luis ; Baños-Villalba, Adrián; Hernández-Brito, Dailos; Rojas, A.; Pacífico, Erica; Díaz-Luque, José A.; Carrete, Martina ; Blanco, Guillermo  ; Hiraldo, F. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2017Reproductive timing as a constraint on invasion success in the Ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri)Luna, Álvaro; Franz, Detlev; Strubbe, Diederik; Shwartz, Assaf; Braun, Michael P.; Hernández-Brito, Dailos; Malihi, Yariv; Kaplan, Asaf; Mori, Emiliano; Menchetti, Mattia; Turnhout, Chris A. M. van; Parrott, Dave; Chmielewski, Frank-M.; Edelaar, Pim artículo
openAccessTOOENIJ-9-1.pdf.jpg2016Rose-ringed Parakeet Psittacula krameri Populations and Numbers in Europe: A Complete OverviewPârâu, Liviu G.; Strubbe, Diederik; Mori, Emiliano; Menchetti, Mattia; Ancillotto, Leonardo; Kleunen, André van; White, Rachel L.; Luna, Álvaro; Hernández-Brito, Dailos; Louarn, Marine Le; Clergeau, Philippe; Albayrak, Tamer; Franz, Detlev; Braun, Michael P.; Schroeder, Julia; Wink, Michaelartículo
openAccessHiraldo et al.pdf.jpg2019The extent, frequency and ecological functions of food wasting by parrotsSebastián-González, Esther ; Hiraldo, F. ; Blanco, Guillermo  ; Hernández-Brito, Dailos; Romero-Vidal, Pedro; Carrete, Martina ; Gómez-LLanos, Eduardo; Pacífico, Erica C.; Díaz-Luque, José A.; Denés, Francisco V.; Tella, José Luis artículo
openAccessdiversity-12-00094 (3).pdf.jpg2020Urban Sprawl, Food Subsidies and Power Lines: An Ecological Trap for Large Frugivorous Bats in Sri Lanka?Tella, José L.; Hernández-Brito, Dailos; Blanco, Guillermo  ; Hiraldo, F. artículo