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embargoedAccessApplications and.....pdf.jpg2019Applications and potentialities of Atomic Force Microscopy in fossil and extant plant cuticle characterizationBenítez, José J. ; Guzmán-Puyol, Susana; Domínguez, Eva; Heredia, Antonio; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. artículo de revisión
openAccessJPD AP article rev 1.pdf.jpg2016Biodegradable Polyester Films from Renewable Aleuritic Acid: Surface Modifications Induced by Melt-polycondensation in Air.Benítez, José J. ; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Vargas-Parody, Inmaculada de; Cruz-Carrillo, Miguel A.; Morales-Flórez, Víctor ; Rosa-Fox, Nicolás de la; Heredia, Antonioartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Biomechanical properties of the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit cuticle during development are modulated by changes in the relative amounts of its componentsEspaña, Laura; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Segado, Patricia; Benítez, José J. ; Heredia, Antonio; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva Maríaartículo
openAccessMS-Biomimetic-Figures.pdf.jpg2014Biomimetic polymers of plant cutin: An approach from molecular modelingSan-Miguel, M. A.; Oviedo, Jaime; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Heredia, Antonio; Benítez, José J. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2017Cellulose-polyhydroxylated fatty acid ester-based bioplastics with tuning properties: acylation via a mixed anhydride systemHeredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Goldoni, Luca; Benítez, José J. ; Davis, Alexander; Ceseracciu, Luca; Cingolani, Roberto; Bayer, Ilker S.; Heinze, Thomas; Koschella, Andreas; Heredia, Antonio; Athanassiou, Athanassiaartículo
openAccessHeredia-Guerrero et al., 2012.pdf.jpg2012Chemical-physical characterization of isolated plant cuticles subjected to low-dose γ-irradiationHeredia-Guerrero, José A. ; De Lara, Rocio; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva María; Heredia, Antonio; Benavente, Juana; Benítez, José J. ; José J.artículo
openAccessCombining dietary....pdf.jpg2019Combining dietary phenolic antioxidants with polyvinylpyrrolidone: Transparent biopolymer films based on: P-coumaric acid for controlled releaseContardi, M.; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Guzmán-Puyol, Susana; Summa, M.; Benítez, José J. ; Goldoni, Luca; Caputo, G.; Cusimano, G.; Picone, P.; Di Carlo, Marta; Bertorelli, Roberto; Athanassiou, Athanassia; Bayer, lker S.artículo
openAccesscutin_agro-wastes_raw_material_production_bioplastics.pdf.jpg9-Nov-2017Cutin from agro-waste as a raw material for the production of bioplasticsHeredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Heredia, Antonio; Domínguez, Eva; Cingolani, Roberto; Bayer, Ilker S.; Athanassiou, Athanassia; Benítez, José J. artículo
openAccessOviedo et al., 2012.pdf.jpg2012Electrostatic induced molecular tilting in self-assembled monolayers of n -octadecylamine on micaOviedo, Jaime; San-Miguel, M. A.; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Benítez, José J. artículo
openAccess2014Infrared and Raman spectroscopic features of plant cuticles: a reviewHeredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Benítez, José J. ; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva María; Bayer, Illker S.; Cingolani, Roberto; Athanassiou, Athanassia; Heredia, Antonioartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Infrared spectroscopy as a tool to study plant cuticlesHeredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Benítez, José J. ; Domínguez, Eva; Bayer, lker S.; Cingolani, Roberto; Athanassiou, Athanassia; Heredia, Antonioartículo
openAccess2016JApplPolSci rev.pdf.jpg2017Insolubilization and thermal stabilization of a long-chain polyester by noncatalyzed melt-polycondensation synthesis in airBenítez, José J. ; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Cruz-Carrillo, Miguel A.; Barthel, Markus J.; Knicker, Heike  ; Heredia, Antonioartículo
openAccessFernándezV_PlantSoil_2008.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2008Leaf structural changes associated with iron deficiency chlorosis in field-grown pear and peach: physiological implicationsFernández, Victoria ; Eichert, Thomas; Río, Víctor del ; López-Casado, Gloria; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Abadía Bayona, Anunciación  ; Abadía Bayona, Javier  artículo
openAccessSoft Mat 2015.pdf.jpg2015Long-chain polyhydroxyesters from natural occurring aleuritic acid as potential material for food packagingBenítez, José J. ; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Guzmán-Puyol, Susana; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva María; Heredia, Antonioartículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0214956.pdf.jpg2019Low molecular weight ϵ-caprolactone-pcoumaric acid copolymers as potential biomaterials for skin regeneration applicationsContardi, M.; Alfaro-Pulido, A.; Picone, P.; Guzmán-Puyol, Susana.; Goldoni, L.; Benítez, José J. ; Heredia, Antonio; Barthel, Markus J.; Ceseracciu, Luca; Cusimano, G.; Brancato, Ornella R. Di Carlo, M.; Athanassiou, A.; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. artículo
openAccessFernandezV_PlantPhys_2011.pdf.jpgAug-2011New Insights into the Properties of Pubescent Surfaces: Peach Fruit as a ModelFernández, Victoria ; Khayet, Mohamed; Montero-Prado, Pablo; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Liakopoulos, Georgios; Karabourniotis, George; Río, Víctor del ; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva María; Tacchini, Ignacio; Nerin, Cristina; Val Falcón, Jesús  ; Heredia, Antonioartículo
openAccessEuphytica 2000.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2004A novel source of resistance to the two-spotted spider mite in Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium (Jusl.) Mill.: its genetics as affected by interplot interferenceHeredia, A.; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva María; Cuartero, Jesúsartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg18-Jan-2018Packing defects in fatty amine self-assembled monolayers on mica as revealed from AFM techniquesBenítez, José J. ; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. ; San-Miguel, Miguel A.; Galloway, Heather C.artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0124639.pdf.jpg2015Pectin-Lipid Self-Assembly: Influence on the Formation of Polyhydroxy Fatty Acids NanoparticlesGuzmán-Puyol, Susana; Benítez, José J. ; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva María; Bayer, Illker S.; Cingolani, Roberto; Athanassiou, Athanassia; Heredia, Antonio; Heredia-Guerrero, José A. artículo
openAccessHeredia-Guerrero_et_al-2018-Global_Change_Biology.pdf.jpg2018Plant cuticle under global change: Biophysical implicationsHeredia-Guerrero, José A. ; Guzmán-Puyol, Susana; Benítez, José J. ; Athanassiou, Athanassia; Heredia, Antonio; Domínguez-Carmona, Eva Maríaartículo