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openAccessFABT.pdf.jpgAug-2012Application of Bifidobacteria as Starter Culture in Whole Wheat Sourdough BreadmakingSanz Penella, Juan Mario ; Tamayo Ramos, Juan Antonio ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessEFRT-2014-GarciaMantrana.pdf.jpg2014Application of phytases from bifidobacteria in the development of cereal-based products with amaranthGarcía Mantrana, Izaskun ; Monedero, Vicente ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessLWT-2015-Iglesias_Puig.pdf.jpg2015Bread with whole quinoa flour and bifidobacterial phytases increases dietary mineral intake and bioavailabilityIglesias Puig, Esther ; Monedero, Vicente ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccess.JAM-2013-Markiewicz.pdf.jpg2013Diet shapes the ability of human intestinal microbiota to degrade phytate - in vitro studiesMarkiewicz, L. H.; Honke, J.; Haros, Monika ; Swiatecka, D.; Wróblewska, B.artículo
embargoedAccess2019FChemistry-Tazrart.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2018Effect of broad bean (Vicia faba) addition on starch properties and texture of dry and fresh pastaTazrart, Karima; Zaidi, Farid; Salvador, Ana ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessEFRT-2016-Tazrart.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2015Effect of durum wheat semolina substitution with broad bean flour (Vicia faba) on the Maccheronccini pasta qualityTazrart, Karima; Zaidi, Farid; Lamacchia, Carmen; Haros, Monika artículo
embargoedAccessPFHN-2019_Ballester-Sanchez.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2019Effect of Incorporating White, Red or Black Quinoa Flours on Free and Bound Polyphenol Content, Antioxidant Activity and Colour of BreadBallester Sánchez, Jaime; Gil, José Vicente ; Haros, Monika ; Fernández-Espinar, María Teresa artículo
openAccessFBT-2013-Haros.pdf.jpg2013Effect of Starch Substitution by Buckwheat Flour on Gluten-Free Bread QualityWronkowska, Małgorzata; Haros, Monika ; Soral-Śmietana, Mariaartículo
openAccessLWT-2013-SanzPenella.pdf.jpg2013Effect of whole amaranth flour on bread properties and nutritive valueSanz Penella, Juan Mario ; Wronkowska, Małgorzata; Soral-Śmietana, Maria; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessBrazilian J Food Technol-2016-Mellado.pdf.jpgSep-2016Evaluación de la calidad tecnológica, nutricional y sensorial de productos de panadería por sustitución de harina de trigo por harina integral de arrozSalas Mellado, Myriam de las Mercedes; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessEFRT-2013-IglesiasPuig.pdf.jpg2013Evaluation of performance of dough and bread incorporating chia (Salvia hispanica L.)Iglesias Puig, Esther ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessIJFM-2016-Garcia-Mantrana.pdf.jpgJan-2016Expression of bifidobacterial phytases in Lactobacillus casei and their application in a food model of whole-grain sourdough breadGarcía Mantrana, Izaskun ; Yebra, María Jesús ; Haros, Monika ; Monedero, Vicente artículo
openAccessES2372206A1.pdf.jpg17-Jan-2012Fitasas truncadas de Bifidobacterias y sus usosHaros, Monika ; Monedero, Vicente ; Yebra, María Jesús ; Tamayo Ramos, Juan Antonio solicitud de patente
openAccessOncotarget2019-Laparra.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2019Immunonutritional consequences of different serine-type protease inhibitors in a C57BL/6 hepatocarcinoma modelLaparra, José Moisés ; Fotschki, Bartosz; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessPFHN2014-SanzPenella.pdf.jpg2014Impact of ¿-Amylase During Breadmaking on In Vitro Kinetics of Starch Hydrolysis and Glycaemic Index of Enriched Bread with BranSanz Penella, Juan Mario ; Laparra, José Moisés ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessFF-2016-Laparra.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2016Inclusion of ancient Latin-American crops in bread formulation improves intestinal iron absorption and modulates inflammatory markersLaparra, José Moisés ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccess2018 - PFHN - Laparra.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2018Inclusion of Whole Flour from Latin-American Crops into Bread Formulations as Substitute of Wheat Delays Glucose Release and UptakeLaparra, José Moisés ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccessFood Chemistry-2015-GarciaMantrana.pdf.jpg2015Myo-inositol hexakisphosphate degradation by Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum ATCC 27919 improves mineral availability of high fibre rye-wheat sour breadGarcía Mantrana, Izaskun ; Monedero, Vicente ; Haros, Monika artículo
openAccess2016.JFCA. Tazrart et al.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2016Nutrient composition and in vitro digestibility of fresh pasta enriched with Vicia fabaTazrart, K.; Lamacchia, C.; Zaidi, F.; Haros, Monika artículo
closedAccess9-Oct-2009Phytate Reduction in Bran-Enriched Bread by Phytase-Producing BifidobacteriaSanz Penella, Juan Mario ; Tamayo Ramos, Juan Antonio ; Sanz, Yolanda; Haros, Monika artículo