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closedAccess19-ene-2008Analysis of sedimentation and resuspension processes of aquaculture biosolids using an oscillating gridMasaló, Ingrid; Guadayol, Òscar ; Peters, Francesc  ; Oca, JoanArtículo
openAccessGuadayol_et_al_2006.pdf.jpg30-mar-2006Analysis of wind events in a coastal area: a tool for assessing turbulence variability for studies on planktonGuadayol, Òscar ; Peters, Francesc  Artículo
openAccessSimo_et_al_2009.pdf.jpg9-sep-2009Annual DMSP contribution to S and C fluxes through phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in a NW Mediterranean coastal siteSimó, Rafel ; Vila-Costa, Maria ; Alonso-Sáez, Laura ; Cardelús, Clara ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Vázquez-Domínguez, Evaristo ; Gasol, Josep M. Artículo
closedAccessnov-2004Changes in Bacterioplankton Composition under Different Phytoplankton RegimensPinhassi, Jarone; Sala, M. Montserrat ; Havskum, Harry; Peters, Francesc  ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Malits, Andrea ; Marrasé, Cèlia Artículo
closedAccessmay-2011Coastal Mediterranean plankton stimulation dynamics through a dust storm event: An experimental simulationRomero, Estela ; Peters, Francesc  ; Marrasé, Cèlia ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Gasol, Josep M. ; Weinbauer, Markus G.Artículo
openAccessVaque_et_al_2009.pdf.jpgene-2009Differential response of grazing and bacterial heterotrophic production to experimental warming in Antarctic watersVaqué, Dolors ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Peters, Francesc  ; Felipe, Jordi; Malits, Andrea ; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos Artículo
closedAccess3-sep-2004Effects of small-scale turbulence on bacteria: A matter of sizeMalits, Andrea ; Peters, Francesc  ; Bayer Giraldi, Maddalena ; Marrasé, Cèlia ; Zoppini, A.; Guadayol, Òscar ; Alcaraz, Miquel Artículo
closedAccess26-nov-2009Effects of small-scale turbulence on lower trophic levels under different nutrient conditionsIversen, K.; Primicerio, Raúl; Larsen, Aud; Egge, J.; Peters, Francesc  ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Jacobsen, Anita; Havskum, Harry; Marrasé, Cèlia Artículo
openAccessGuadayol_et_al_2009.pdf.jpg17-abr-2009Episodic meteorological and nutrient-load events as drivers of coastal ecosystem dynamics: a time series analysisGuadayol, Òscar ; Peters, Francesc  ; Marrasé, Cèlia ; Gasol, Josep M. ; Roldán, Cristina ; Berdalet, Elisa ; Massana, Ramon ; Sabata, Anna Artículo
closedAccessabr-2009Evaluation of oscillating grids and orbital shakers as means to generate isotropic and homogeneous small-scale turbulence in laboratory enclosures commonly used in plankton studiesGuadayol, Òscar ; Peters, Francesc  ; Stiansen, Jan Erik; Marrasé, Cèlia ; Lohrmann, AtleArtículo
closedAccess16-oct-2012Experiments with enclosed natural plankton communities. When and why are they suitable?Marrasé, Cèlia ; Peters, Francesc  ; Guadayol, Òscar Comunicación de congreso
openAccessSala_et_al_2005.pdf.jpg12-may-2005Functional diversity of bacterioplankton assemblages in western Antarctic seawaters during late springSala, M. Montserrat ; Arin, Laura ; Balagué, Vanessa ; Felipe, Jordi; Guadayol, Òscar ; Vaqué, Dolors Artículo
openAccessGuadayol_Thesis_2007.pdf.jpg23-may-2007Influence of turbulence variability on osmotrophic plankton dynamics in a coastal areaGuadayol, Òscar Tesis
openAccessBolli_et_al_2007.pdf.jpg2007Modulation of ecdysal cyst and toxin dynamics of two Alexandrium (Dinophyceae) species under small-scale turbulenceBolli, Linda ; Llaveria, Gisela ; Garcés, Esther ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Lenning, K. van ; Peters, Francesc  ; Berdalet, Elisa Artículo
openAccessBolli_et_al_2007.pdf.jpg23-mar-2007Modulation of ecdysal cyst and toxin dynamics of two Alexandrium (Dinophyceae) species under small-scale turbulenceBolli, Linda ; Llaveria, Gisela ; Garcés, Esther ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Lenning, K. van ; Peters, Francesc  ; Berdalet, Elisa Artículo
openAccessGuadayol_et_al_2009.pdf.jpg18-mar-2009Responses of coastal osmotrophic planktonic communities to simulated events of turbulence and nutrient load throughout a yearGuadayol, Òscar ; Marrasé, Cèlia ; Peters, Francesc  ; Berdalet, Elisa ; Roldán, Cristina ; Sabata, Anna Artículo
openAccessVaque_et_al_2008.pdf.jpgnov-2008Seasonal changes in planktonic bacterivory rates under the ice-covered coastal Arctic OceanVaqué, Dolors ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Peters, Francesc  ; Felipe, Jordi; Angel-Ripoll, Laia ; Terrado, Ramon ; Lovejoy, Connie; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos Artículo
closedAccess5-oct-2016Seasonality of chlorophyll in the MediterraneanPeters, Francesc  ; Romero, Estela ; Gallisai, R. ; Guadayol, Òscar Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess25-sep-2007Species-specific physiological response of dinoflagellates to quantified small-scale turbulenceBerdalet, Elisa ; Peters, Francesc  ; Koumandou, V. Lila; Roldán, Cristina ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Estrada, Marta Artículo
closedAccess17-may-2013The interplay between nutrient load, N partitioning and turbulence: three key factors in the dynamics of coastal planktonRomero, Estela ; Peters, Francesc  ; Marrasé, Cèlia ; Guadayol, Òscar Póster