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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessA bilinear formulation.pdf.jpg2013A bilinear formulation for the motion planning of non-holonomic parallel orienting platformsGrosch, Patrick ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessOne-Motor Full-Mobility.pdf.jpg2010A One-Motor Full-Mobility 6-PUS ManipulatorGrosch, Patrick ; Gregorio, Raffaele di; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessReconfigurable Asymmetric_Sarabandi.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2018A reconfigurable asymmetric 3-UPU parallel robotSarabandi, Soheil; Grosch, Patrick ; Porta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessFeb-2010Generation of Under-Actuated Manipulators With Nonholonomic Joints From Ordinary ManipulatorsGrosch, Patrick ; Gregorio, Raffaele di; Thomas, Federico  artículo
openAccessGeneration of under-actuated.pdf.jpg2009Generation of under-actuated parallel robots with non-holonomic joints and kinetostatic analysis of a case-studyGrosch, Patrick ; Gregorio, Raffaele di; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessGeometric-Robots.pdf.jpg2016Geometric path planning without maneuvers for nonholonomic parallel orienting robotsGrosch, Patrick ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
openAccessES2395931A1.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2013Herramienta para corte y extracción de muestrasAlenyà, Guillem  ; Grosch, Patrick ; Torras, Carme  ; Palacín Marfil, Marcsolicitud de patente
openAccess2010Motion planning for a novel reconfigurable parallel manipulator with lockable revolute jointsGrosch, Patrick ; Gregorio, Raffaele di; López, Javier ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccess2012Motion planning for parallel robots with non-holonomic jointsTchoń, Krzysztof; Jakubiak, Janusz; Grosch, Patrick ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessROBOTSUNCONVENTIONAL.pdf.jpg2016Parallel robots with unconventional joints to achieve under-actuation and reconfigurabilityGrosch, Patrick tesis doctoral
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Parallel Robots With Unconventional Joints. Kinematics and Motion PlanningGrosch, Patrick ; Thomas, Federico  libro
openAccess2014The HumanoidLab: Involving students in a research centre through an educational initiativeAlenyà, Guillem  ; Rivero, José Luis; Rull, Aleix; Grosch, Patrick ; Hernàndez, Sergicomunicación de congreso
openAccessWO2013011180A1.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2013Tool for cutting and extracting samplesAlenyà, Guillem  ; Grosch, Patrick ; Torras, Carme  ; Palacín Marfil, Marcpatente
openAccessUncalibratedUnmanned.pdf.jpg2017Uncalibrated visual servo for unmanned aerial manipulationSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Grosch, Patrick ; Lippiello, Vincenzo; Solà, Joan ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  artículo