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openAccessJan-2006A comparative study of egg mass and clutch size in the AnseriformesFiguerola, Jordi  ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessPernolletetal2015RevisedVersion.pdf.jpg2015A comparison of wintering duck numbers among European rice production areas with contrasting flooding regimesPernollet, Claire A.; Guelmami, Anis; Green, Andy J. ; Curcó Masip, Antoni; Dies, Bosco; Bogliani, Giuseppe; Tesio, Franco; Brogi, Anne; Gauthier-Clerc, M.; Guillemain, M.artículo
openAccess2014A compositional analysis approach to phytoplankton composition in coastal Mediterranean wetlands: Influence of salinity and nutrient availabilityLópez-Flores, Rocio; Quintana, Xavier D.; Romami, Anna M.; Bañeras, Lluís; Ruiz-Rueda, Olaya; Compte, Jordi; Green, Andy J. ; Egozcue, Juan J.artículo
openAccessO aceito. Com figuras autores e agradecimentos.pdf.jpg2019A functional perspective for breeding and wintering waterbird communities: temporal trends in species and trait diversityArruda Almeida, Bia de; Sebastián-González, Esther ; Anjos, Luiz dos; Green, Andy J. ; Botella, Franciscoartículo
openAccessA model for the future. Ecosystem services provided by the aquaculture activities of Veta la Palma Southern Spain.pdf.jpg2015A model for the future: Ecosystem services provided by the aquaculture activities of Veta la Palma, Southern SpainWalton, M.E.M.; Vilas, C,; Cañavete, J.P.; González-Ortegón, Enrique  ; Prieto, A.; Bergeijk, S.A. van; Green, Andy J. ; Librero, J.; Mazuelos, N., Le Vay, J.artículo
openAccessMar-2006After the Aznalcollar mine spill: Arsenic, zinc, selenium, lead and copper levels in the livers and bones of five waterfowl speciesTaggart, Mark A. ; Figuerola, Jordi  ; Green, Andy J. ; Mateo, Rafael ; Deacon, C.; Osborn, D.; Meharg, A.A.artículo
embargoedAccess2020Agricultural and urban delivered nitrate pollution input to Mediterranean temporary freshwatersParedes, Irene; Otero, Neus; Soler, Albert; Green, Andy J. ; Soto, David X.artículo
openAccessv30n4a08.pdf.jpg2013Allometry as evidence of sexual selection in monochromatic birds: the case of the Coscoroba Swan (Anseriformes: Anatidae)Calabuig, Cecilia P. ; Green, Andy J. ; Muriel, Roberto ; Katzenberger, Marco ; Patiño-Martínez, Juan artículo
openAccessEvolution99.pdf.jpgOct-1999Allometry of Genitalia in Insects and Spiders: One Size Does Not Fit AllGreen, Andy J. artículo
openAccessEnvToxChemGeese06.pdf.jpgJan-2006Altered porphyrin excretion and histopathology of greylag geese (Anser anser)exposed to soil contaminated with leas and arsenic in the Guadalquivir marshes, Southwestern Spain SOUTHWESTERN SPAINMateo, Rafael ; Taggart, Mark A. ; Green, Andy J. ; Cristòfol, Carles; Ramis, Antoni; Lefranc, H. ; Figuerola, Jordi  ; Meharg, A.A.artículo
openAccessAI_2020_Carbonell_etal.pdf.jpg2020An experimental test of interspecific competition between the alien boatman Trichocorixa verticalis and the native corixid Sigara lateralis (Hemiptera, Corixidae)Carbonell, José A.; Céspedes, Vanessa; Coccia, Cristina ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessOct-1996Analyses of Globally Threatened Anatidae in Relation to Threats, Distribution, Migration Patterns, and Habitat UseGreen, Andy J. artículo
openAccessfevo-07-00508 (1).pdf.jpg2020Animal-Mediated Dispersal in Understudied SystemsLeeuwen, Casper H.A. van; Tella, José Luis ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessMar-2009Arsenic rich iron plaque on macrophyte roots – an ecotoxicological risk?Taggart, Mark A. ; Mateo, Rafael ; Charnock, J.M.; Bahrami, F.; Green, Andy J. ; Meharg, A.A.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMar-2016Assembly mechanisms determining high species turnover in aquatic communities over regional and continental scalesViana, Duarte S.; Figuerola, Jordi  ; Schwenk, K.; Manca, M.; Hobæk, A.; Mjelde, M.; Preston, C. D.; Gornall, R. J.; Croft, J. M.; King, R. A.; Green, Andy J. ; Santamaría, L.artículo
openAccessIntJParasitol16 authors own.pdf.jpg2016Assessing myxozoan presence and diversity using environmental DNAHartikainen, Hanna; Bass, David; Briscoe, Andrew G.; Knipe, Hazen; Green, Andy J. ; Okamura, Bethartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Assessment of lead and pesticide exposure in the declining population of red breasted goose (Branta ruficollis) wintering in Eastern EuropeMateo, Rafael ; López-Antia, Ana ; Rodríguez-Estival, Jaime ; Green, Andy J. comunicación de congreso
openAccessAnimBeh97.pdf.jpgAug-1997Asymetrical turning during spermatophore transfer in the male smooth nwetGreen, Andy J. artículo
openAccessMar-2007Avian cestodes affect the behaviour of their intermediate host Artemia parthenogenetica: An experimental studySánchez, Marta I. ; Georgiev, Boyko B.; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessNov-2009Avian Digestive Tract Simulation To Study the Effect of Grit Geochemistry and Food on Pb Shot BioaccessibilityMartínez-Haro, Mónica ; Taggart, Mark A. ; Green, Andy J. ; Mateo, José A.artículo