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openAccessjournal.pone.0013369.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2010Antioxidant machinery differs between melanic and light nestlings of two polymorphic raptorsGalván, Ismael ; Gangoso, Laura ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Negro, Juan J. ; Rodríguez, Airam ; Figuerola, Jordi ; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos Artículo
openAccess25-Apr-2002Coprophagy: An unusual source of essential carotenoids A yellow-faced vulture includes ungulate faeces in its diet for cosmetic purposes.Negro, Juan J. ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Tella, José Luis ; Garrido Fernández, J.  ; Hornero-Méndez, Dámaso  ; Donázar, José A. ; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Benítez, J. R.; Barcell, M.Artículo
openAccessp00001-p00007.pdf.jpgMar-2003Copulation behavior of apotentially double-brooded bird of prey, the black-winged kite (Elanus caeruleuas)Ferrero, Juan J.; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Negro, Juan J. Artículo
openAccessp00287-p00288.pdf.jpgSep-2004Do Eurasian hobbies (Falco subbuteo) have "false eyes" on the nape?Negro, Juan J. ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Sarasola, José Hernán Artículo
openAccessBecomingSedentaryIslands.PDF.jpg2013Ecological specialization to fluctuating resources prevents long-distance migratory raptors from becoming sedentary on islandsGangoso, Laura ; López-López, Pascual; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Mellone, Ugo; Limiñana, Rubén ; Urios, Vicente; Ferrer, Miguel Artículo
openAccessGRANDE, JUAN MANUEL, Alimoche valle del Ebro. Univ Sevilla 2006.pdf.jpg2006Factores Limitantes Antrópicos y Naturales de Poblaciones de Aves Carroñeras: El Caso del Alimoche (Neophron percnopterus) en el Valle del Ebro.Grande, Juan Manuel Tesis
openAccessBiological.pdf.jpg2007Habitat, human pressure, and social behavior: Partialling out factors affecting large-scale territory extinction in an endangered vultureCarrete, Martina ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Tella, José Luis ; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Donázar, José A. ; Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo ; Romo, AlfredoArtículo
openAccessiroxidevultur.pdf.jpg2002Iron oxides in the plumage of bearded vultures. Medicine or cosmetics?Negro, Juan J. ; Margalida, Antoni ; Torres, María José; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Hiraldo, F. ; Heredia, RafaelArtículo
openAccessSep-2011MC1R-dependent, melanin-based colour polymorphism is associated with cell-mediated response in the Eleonora’s falconGangoso, Laura ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Ducrest, A.-L.; Figuerola, Jordi ; Bortolotti, Gary R. Artículo
openAccessp00327-p00329.pdf.jpgDec-2000Nocturnal activity of lesser kestrels under artifical lighting conditions in seville, SpainNegro, Juan J. ; Bustamante, Javier  ; Melguizo, Ciro; Ruiz, José Luis; Grande, Juan Manuel Artículo
openAccessOct-2010Prevalence of Neutralizing Antibodies to West Nile Virus in Eleonora’s Falcons in the Canary IslandsGangoso, Laura ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Llorente, Francisco; Jiménez-Clavero, Miguel A.; Pérez, Jesús M.; Figuerola, Jordi Artículo
openAccessdiseases.pdf.jpg2010Prevalence of neutralizing antibodies to West Nile virus in Eleonora's Falcons in the Canary IslandsGangoso, Laura ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Llorente, Francisco; Jiménez-Clavero, Miguel A.; Pérez, Jesús M.; Figuerola, Jordi Artículo
openAccesssrep40204.pdf.jpg2017Sex- and age-dependent patterns of survival and breeding success in a long-lived endangered avian scavengerSanz-Aguilar, Ana  ; Cortés-Avizanda, Ainara ; Serrano, David ; Blanco, Guillermo ; Ceballos, Olga ; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Tella, José Luis ; Donázar, José A. Artículo
openAccessacv12001.pdf.jpgJun-2013Stressful conditions experienced by endangered Egyptian vultures on African wintering areasCarrete, Martina ; Bortolotti, Gary R. ; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Cortés-Avizanda, Ainara ; Delgado, Antonio; Grande, Juan Manuel ; Donázar, José A. Artículo
openAccessoikos.pdf.jpg2009Survival in a long-lived territorial migrant: Effects of life-history traits and ecological conditions in wintering and breeding areasGrande, Juan Manuel ; Serrano, David ; Tavecchia, Giacomo ; Carrete, Martina ; Ceballos, Olga ; Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo ; Tella, José Luis ; Donázar, José A. Artículo
openAccessOct-2001Territorial signalling: a new hypothesis to explain frequent copulation in raptorial birdsNegro, Juan J. ; Grande, Juan Manuel Artículo
openAccess1198.pdf.jpgDec-2004The Evolution of bird plumage colouration: a role for feather-degradation bacteria?Grande, Juan Manuel ; Negro, Juan J. ; Torres, María JoséArtículo