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openAccessbreakfadoles.pdf.jpg2021Breakfast dietary pattern is inversely associated with overweight/obesity in european adolescents: The HELENA StudyTeixeira Cacau, Leandro; Miguel-Etayo, Pilar de; Santaliestra-Pasías, A. M.; Giménez-Legarre, Natalia; Marchioni, Dirce Maria; Molina-Hidalgo, Cristina; Censi, Laura; González-Gross, Marcela CSIC ORCID; Grammatikaki, Evangelia; Breidenassel, Christina; De Ruyter, Thaïs; Kersting, Mathilde; Gottrand, Frederic; Androutsos, Odysseas; Gómez-Martínez, Sonia CSIC ORCID; Kafatos, Anthony; Widhalm, Kurt; Stehle, Peter; Molnár, Dénes; Manios, Yannis; Moreno, Luis A.artículo
openAccessdevelophelena.pdf.jpg2022Developing a risk assessment tool for identifying individuals at high risk for developing insulin resistance in European adolescents: The HELENA-IR scoreKondakis, Katerina; Grammatikaki, Evangelia; Kondakis, Marios; Molnár, Dénes; Gómez-Martínez, Sonia CSIC ORCID; González-Gross, Marcela CSIC ORCID; Kafatos, Anthony; Manios, Yannis; Jiménez-Pavón, David; Gottrand, Frederic; Béghin, Laurent; Kersting, Mathilde; Castillo, Manuel J.; Moreno, Luis A.; De Henauw, Stefaanartículo
openAccesseatistudy.pdf.jpg2022Eating behavior associated with food intake in European adolescents participating in the HELENA StudyManeschy, Ivie; Moreno, Luis A.; Rupérez, Azahara I.; Jimeno, Andrea; Miguel-Berges, María L.; Widhalm, Kurt; Kafatos, Anthony; Molina-Hidalgo, Cristina; Molnár, Dénes; Gottrand, Frederic; Le Donne, Cinzia; Manios, Yannis; Grammatikaki, Evangelia; González-Gross, Marcela CSIC ORCID; Kersting, Mathilde; Dellallongeville, Jean; Gómez-Martínez, Sonia CSIC ORCID; De Henauw, Stefaan; Santaliestra-Pasías, A. M.; HELENA study groupartículo
openAccessfoodportion.pdf.jpg2023Food portion sizes and their relationship with energy, and nutrient intakes in adolescents: The HELENA studyFlieh, Sondos M.; Miguel-Berges, María L.; Huybrechts, Inge; Breidenassel, Christina; Grammatikaki, Evangelia; Le Donne, Cinzia; Manios, Yannis; Widhalm, Kurt; Molnár, Dénes; Stehle, Peter; Kafatos, Anthony; Dallongeville, Jean; Molina-Hidalgo, Cristina; Gómez-Martínez, Sonia CSIC ORCID; González-Gross, Marcela CSIC ORCID; De Henauw, Stefaan; Béghin, Laurent; Kersting, Mathilde; Moreno, Luis A.; González-Gil, Estherartículo