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openAccess1-s2.0-S2211124721010913-main.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2021Agonists and allosteric modulators promote signaling from different metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 conformationsNasrallah, Chady; Cannone, Giuseppe; Briot, Julie; Rottier, Karine; Berizzi, Alice E.; Huang, Chia-Ying; Quast, Robert B.; Hoh, Francois; Banères, Jean-Louis; Malhaire, Fanny; Berto, Ludovic; Dumazer, Anaëlle; Font-Ingles, Joan; Gómez-Santacana, Xavier; Catena, Juan Lorenzo; Kniazeff, Julie; Goudet, Cyril; Llebaria, Amadeu CSIC ORCID; Pin, Jean-Philippe; Vinothkumar, Kutti R.; Lebon, Guillaumeartículo
openAccessABC-00846-2020_Proof_hi.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2020Development and validation of a mass spectrometry binding assay for mGlu5 receptorRicart-Ortega, Maria; Berizzi, Alice E.; Catena, Juan Lorenzo; Malhaire, Fanny; Muñoz, Lourdes CSIC ORCID; Serra, Carmen; Lebon, Guillaume; Goudet, Cyril; Llebaría, Amadeuartículo
openAccessWO2015044358_A2.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2015Glutamete receptor photomodulatorsLlebaria, Amadeu CSIC ORCID; Gorostiza, Pau; Gómez-Santacana, Xavier; Pittolo, Silvia; Giraldo, Jesús; Rovira Algans, Xavier; Goudet, Cyril; Pin, Jean Philippesolicitud de patente
closedAccess2011Integrated Synthetic, Pharmacological, and Computational Investigation of cis-2-(3,5-Dichlorophenylcarbamoyl)cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid Enantiomers As Positive Allosteric Modulators of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Subtype 4Christov, Christo; González-Bulnes, Patricia CSIC; Malhaire, Fanny; Karabencheva, Tatyana; Goudet, Cyril; Pin, Jean Philippe; Llebaria, Amadeu CSIC ORCID; Giraldo, Jesúsartículo
openAccessACS Pharmacology and Translational Science_final_references.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2020Mechanistic Insights into Light-Driven Allosteric Control of GPCR Biological ActivityRicart-Ortega, Maria; Berizzi, Alice E.; Pereira, Vanessa; Malhaire, Fanny; Catena, Juanlo; Font, Joan; Gómez-Santacana, Xavier; Muñoz, Lourdes CSIC ORCID; Zussy, Charleine; Serra, Carmen; Rovira, Xavier; Goudet, Cyril; Llebaría, Amadeuartículo
openAccesselife-23545-v1 (2).pdf.jpg11-Apr-2017Optical control of pain in vivo with a photoactive mGlu5 receptor negative allosteric modulatorFont, Joan; López-Cano, Marc; Notartomaso, Serena; Scarselli, Pamela; Di Pietro, Paola Di; Bresolí-Obach, Roger; Battaglia, Giuseppe; Malhaire, Fanny; Rovira Algans, Xavier; Catena, Juan Lorenzo; Giraldo, Jesús; Pin, Jean Philippe; Fernández-Dueñas, Víctor; Goudet, Cyril; Nonell, Santi; Nicoletti, Ferdinando; Llebaria, Amadeu CSIC ORCID; Ciruela, Franciscoartículo