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embargoedAccessFinal Cermets.pdf.jpg2020Development of Ti(C,N)-based cermets with (Co,Fe,Ni)-based high entropy alloys as binder phaseObra, A.G. de la; Sayagués, María Jesús .; Chicardi, E. ; Gotor, F.J. artículo
openAccessApatite coatings.pdf.jpg2019Effect of heat treatment on apatite coatings deposited on pre-calcified titanium substratesBeltrán, Ana María; Martín-Santana, Y.; González, Jesús E.; Montealegre-Meléndez, I. González, Eduardo; Peón-Avés, E.; Gotor, F.J. ; Torres, Yadirartículo
openAccessmetals-09-00787 (1).pdf.jpg2019Effects of boron addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of (Ti,Ta)(C,N)-Co based cermetsChicardi, E. ; Gotor, F.J. artículo
openAccessmetals-10-00322-v2.pdf.jpg2020Influence of the test configuration and temperature on the mechanical behaviour of WC-CoGonzález, Luis M.; Chicardi, Ernesto; Gotor, F.J. ; Bermejo, R.; Llanes, Luis; Torres, Yadirartículo
embargoedAccessLow temperature synthesis.pdf.jpg2019Low temperature synthesis of an equiatomic (TiZrHfVNb)C5 high entropy carbide by a mechanically-induced carbon diffusion routeChicardi, E. ; García-Garrido, Cristina; Gotor, F.J. artículo
openAccessSynthesis of a cubic Ti(BCN).pdf.jpg2019Synthesis of a cubic Ti(BCN) advanced ceramic by a solid-gas mechanochemical reactionChicardi, E. ; García-Garrido, Cristina; Beltrán, Ana María; Sayagués, María Jesús .; Gotor, F.J. artículo
openAccessMn-doped ZnS.pdf.jpg2020Synthesis of Mn2+-doped ZnS by a mechanically induced self-sustaining reactionAvilés, Miguel A.; Córdoba, J.M.  ; Sayagués, María Jesús .; Gotor, F.J. actas de congreso
openAccessZnS-ZnSe solid solution.pdf.jpg2019Tailoring the Band Gap in the ZnS/ZnSe System: Solid Solutions by a Mechanically Induced Self-Sustaining ReactionAvilés, Miguel A.; Córdoba, J.M.  ; Sayagués, María Jesús ; Gotor, F.J. artículo