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openAccessBosonization.pdf.jpg15-Feb-1995Bosonization on a lattice: The emergence of the higher harmonicsFerrer, J.; González Carmona, José ; Martín-Delgado, M.-A.; Martín-Delgado, Miguel Ángelartículo
openAccessCharge.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2001Charge instabilities near a Van Hove singularityGonzález Carmona, José artículo
openAccessCharge.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2000Charge-density-wave formation by Van Hove nesting in the α-phase of Sn/Ge(111)González Carmona, José artículo
openAccessCompetition between disorder.pdf.jpg9-Aug-2017Competition between disorder and interaction effects in three-dimensional Weyl semimetalsGonzález Carmona, José artículo
openAccessConfining.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2016Confining and repulsive potentials from effective non-Abelian gauge fields in graphene bilayersGonzález Carmona, José artículo
openAccessCooper-pair.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2007Cooper-pair propagation and superconducting correlations in grapheneGonzález Carmona, José ; Perfetto, E.artículo
openAccessCoulomb.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2005Coulomb screening and electronic instabilities of small-diameter (5,0) nanotubesGonzález Carmona, José ; Perfetto, E.artículo
openAccessCrossover.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2001Crossover from marginal Fermi liquid to Luttinger liquid behavior in carbon nanotubesBellucci, S.; González Carmona, José artículo
openAccessCurrent.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2005Current instability and diamagnetism in small-diameter carbon nanotubesGonzález Carmona, José artículo
openAccessDoping.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2004Doping- and size-dependent suppression of tunneling in carbon nanotubesBellucci, S.; González Carmona, José ; Onorato, P.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2017Effect of disorder on the critical behavior of interacting 3D Dirac and Weyl semimetalsGonzález Carmona, José comunicación de congreso
openAccessElectron.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2001Electron-electron interactions in graphene sheetsGonzález Carmona, José ; Guinea, F. ; Vozmediano, María A. H. artículo
openAccessElectronic.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2008Electronic instabilities of a Hubbard model approached as a large array of coupled chains: Competition between d -wave superconductivity and pseudogap phasePerfetto, E.; González Carmona, José artículo
openAccessElectronic.pdf.jpg15-Jun-1993Electronic interactions in fullerene spheresGuinea, F. ; González Carmona, José ; Vozmediano, María A. H. artículo
openAccessIyC-2010-Sept-Paco Guinea-1.pdf.jpgSep-2010Electrónica del grafenoGonzález Carmona, José ; Vozmediano, María A. H. ; Guinea, F. artículo
openAccess2-Mar-2015Excitonic and marginal Fermi liquid instabilities in 2D and 3D Dirac semimetalsGonzález Carmona, José comunicación de congreso
openAccessFlat band of midgap.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2016Flat band of midgap rotating surface states in 3D Dirac and Weyl semimetals under circularly polarized radiationGonzález Carmona, José ; Molina, Rafael A. comunicación de congreso
openAccessKohn-Luttinger.pdf.jpg24-Nov-2008Kohn-Luttinger superconductivity in grapheneGonzález Carmona, José artículo
openAccessGlezCarmona.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2011La revolución de la física del carbono: fullerenos, nanotubos, grafenoGonzález Carmona, José trabajo de divulgación
openAccessLocalization.pdf.jpg31-May-2005Localization of electronic states by fullerene charges in carbon nanotubesGonzález Carmona, José ; Guinea, F. artículo