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openAccessActivated_carbons_FPT_Tsyntsarki.pdf.jpg4-may-2015Activated carbons from waste biomass and low rank coals as catalyst supports for hydrogen production by methanol decompositionTsyntsarski, B.; Stoycheva, I.; Tsoncheva, T.; Genova, I.; Dimitrov, M.; Petrova, B.; Paneva, D.; Cherkezova-Zheleva, Z.; Budinova, T.; Kolev, H.; Gomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Mitov, I.; Petrov, N.Artículo
openAccessBoosting_visible_Gomis.pdf.jpg14-sep-2015Boosting visible light conversion in the confined pore space of nanoporous carbonsGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Iniesta, Jesús; Moro, Artur; Maurino, Valter; Lima, Joao C.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo
openAccessCompetitive_adsorption_ Mansouri.pdf.jpgdic-2014Competitive adsorption of ibuprofen and amoxicillin mixtures from aqueous solution on activated carbonsMansouri, Hayet; Jiménez Carmona, Rocío ; Gomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Souissi-Najar, Souad; Ouederni, Abdelmottaleb; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo
openAccessDesigning_micro_Gomis.pdf.jpg15-dic-2016Designing micro- and mesoporous carbon networks by chemical activation of organic resinsGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; García González, Raquel; Mestre, Ana S.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo
openAccessNanoconfinement_glucose_Ania.pdf.jpg7-sep-2017Nanoconfinement of glucose oxidase on mesoporous carbon electrodes with tunable pore sizesOvín Ania, María Concepción  ; Gomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Dentzer, Joseph; Vix-Guterl, CathieArtículo
openAccessNanoporous_carbon_Gomis.pdf.jpg22-jul-2016Nanoporous carbon/WO3 anodes for an enhanced water photooxidationGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Celorrio, Verónica; Iniesta, Jesús; Fermin, David J.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo
openAccessPhDThesis_Gomis-BerenguerAlicia_2016.pdf.jpgdic-2016Photochemical response of nanoporous carbons. Role as catalysts, photoelectrodes and additives to semiconductorsGomis Berenguer, Alicia Tesis
openAccessPhotochemistry_nanoporous_Gomis.pdf.jpg16-nov-2016Photochemistry of nanoporous carbons: Perspectives in energy conversion and environmental remediationGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Fernández Velasco, Leticia ; Velo Gala, Inmaculada; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo
openAccessSulfur_Gomis_Carbon_2016.pdf.jpg2-mar-2016Sulfur-mediated photochemical energy harvesting in nanoporous carbonsGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Seredych, Mikola; Iniesta, Jesús; Lima, Joao C.; Bandosz, Teresa J.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo
openAccessmolecules-21-01611.pdf.jpg23-nov-2016Surface Modification of a Nanoporous Carbon Photoanode upon IrradiationGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Velo Gala, Inmaculada; Rodríguez-Castellón, Enrique; Ania, Conchi O.Artículo
openAccessGomis_Molecules_Surface.pdf.jpg23-nov-2016Surface Modification of a Nanoporous Carbon Photoanode upon IrradiationGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Velo Gala, Inmaculada; Rodríguez-Castellón, Enrique; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo
openAccessTuning_surface_Velasco.pdf.jpg21-ago-2015Tuning the Surface Chemistry of Nanoporous Carbons for Enhanced Nanoconfined Photochemical ActivityFernández Velasco, Leticia ; Gomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Lima, Joao C.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  Artículo