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openAccessNanotechnology_24_2013_AFernández.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2013A new bottom-up methodology to produce silicon layers with a closed porosity nanostructure and reduced refractive indexGodinho, V. ; Caballero-Hernández, J. ; Jamon, D.; Rojas, T. Cristina; Schierholz, R. ; García López, J. ; Ferrer, F. J. ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccessPoster_EGU2015-13843-1.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2015Application of exopolysaccharides to optimize the performance of ceramic bodies in the unidirectional dry pressing processCaneira I.; Machado-Moreira, B.; Dionísio, A.; Godinho, V. ; Neves, M. O.; Dias, Diamantino; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo  ; Miller, A. Z. póster de congreso
openAccessES2582052A1.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2018Blanco sólido de gases nobles para reacciones nuclearesGodinho, V. ; Caballero-Hernández, J. ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  ; Ferrer, F. J. ; Gómez-Camacho, Joaquín ; Fernández-Martínez, B. solicitud de patente
openAccessES2582052B1.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2018Blanco sólido de gases nobles para reacciones nuclearesGodinho, V. ; Caballero-Hernández, J. ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  ; Ferrer, F. J. ; Gómez-Camacho, Joaquín ; Fernández-Martínez, B. patente
openAccessmagnetron-sputtered_thin_films_Godinho.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2016Characterization and validation of a-Si magnetron-sputtered thin films as solid He targets with high stability for nuclear reactionsGodinho, V. ; Ferrer, F. J. ; Fernández-Martínez, B. ; Caballero-Hernández, J. ; Gómez-Camacho, Joaquín ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccess2011Endurance of TiAlSiN coatings: Effect of Si and bias on wear and adhesionPhilippon, D. ; Godinho, V. ; Nagy, P. M.; Delplancke-Ogletree, M. P.; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccess1-s2.0-S0264127519301285-main (1).pdf.jpg2019Exchange bias and two steps magnetization reversal in porous Co/CoO layerOvejero, Jesús G.; Godinho, V. ; Lacroix, Bertrand ; García, Miguel A.; Hernando, Antonio ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccess2015Fabrication of Optical Multilayer Devices from Porous Silicon Coatings with Closed Porosity by Magnetron SputteringCaballero-Hernández, J. ; Godinho, V. ; Lacroix, Bertrand ; Jiménez de Haro, María del Carmen ; Jamon, D.; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccessFeb-2012Magnetron sputtered a-SiOxNy thin films: A closed porous nanostructure with controlled optical and mechanical propertiesGodinho, V. ; Rojas, T. Cristina; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccessWO2010122202A2.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2010Method for obtaining coatings by means of cathode sputtering and resulting coatingFernández-Camacho, A.  ; Godinho, V. solicitud de patente
closedAccess19-Jun-2008Microstructural and chemical characterisation techniques for nanostructured and amorphous coatingsGodinho, V. ; Fernández-Ramos, C.; Martínez-Martínez, D. ; García López, J. ; Sánchez López, Juan Carlos; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccessMicrostructural.pdf.jpg2012Microstructural and chemical characterization of nanostructured TiAlSiN coatings with nanoscale resolutionGodinho, V. ; Rojas, T. Cristina; Trasobares, Susana; Ferrer, F. J. ; Delplancke-Ogletree, M. P.; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccess25-Sep-2012Microstructural characterization of hydrophobic Ti1−xAlxN coatings with moth-eye-like surface morphologyGodinho, V. ; López Santos, C.; Rojas, T. Cristina; Philippon, D. ; Jiménez de Haro, María del Carmen ; Lucas, S.; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
embargoedAccessPtCu Manuscript.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2018Nanoporous Pt-based catalysts prepared by chemical dealloying of magnetron-sputtered Pt-Cu thin films for the catalytic combustion of hydrogenGiarratano, F.; Arzac, G.M. ; Godinho, V. ; Hufschmidt, D. ; Jiménez de Haro, María del Carmen ; Montes, O.; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccesss1-ln2015406674348362-1939656818Hwf-880024105IdV-21227728032015406PDF_HI0001.pdf.jpg2016Nitrogen Nanobubbles in a-SiOxNy Coatings: Evaluation of Its Physical Properties and Chemical Bonding State by Spatially Resolved Electron Energy-Loss SpectroscopyLacroix, Bertrand ; Godinho, V. ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
openAccess0957-4484_25_35_355705.pdf.jpg2014On the formation of the porous structure in nanostructured a-Si coatings deposited by dc magnetron sputtering at oblique anglesGodinho, V. ; Moskovkin, P.; Álvarez, Rafael ; Caballero-Hernández, J. ; Schierholz, R. ; Bera, B.; Demarche, J.; Palmero, Alberto ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  ; Lucas, S.artículo
openAccess2347123_A1.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2010Procedimiento de obtención de recubrimientos mediante pulverización catódica y recubrimiento obtenibleFernández-Camacho, A.  ; Godinho, V. solicitud de patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Proton elastic scattering cross-section on helium from 0.6 to 3.0 MeV at laboratory angles between 110 and 165 degreesFerrer, F. J. ; Godinho, V. ; Fernández-Martínez, B. ; Fernández García, J. P.; Caballero-Hernández, J. ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  ; Gómez-Camacho, Joaquín póster de congreso
openAccessEBS.pdf.jpg2014Simultaneous quantification of light elements in thin films deposited on Si substrates using proton EBS (Elastic Backscattering Spectroscopy)Ferrer, F. J. ; Alcaire, María ; Caballero-Hernández, J. ; García-García, Francisco J. ; Gil-Rostra, J. ; Terriza, Antonia ; Godinho, V. ; García López, J. ; Barranco, Ángel ; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010SiOxNy thin films with variable refraction index: Microstructural, chemical and mechanical propertiesGodinho, V. ; Jiménez de Haro, María del Carmen ; García López, J. ; Delplancke-Ogletree, M. P.; Fernández-Camacho, A.  artículo