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openAccessaa12916-09.pdf.jpgMar-2011Dense gas and the nature of the outflowsSepúlveda, Inmaculada; Anglada, Guillem ; Estalella, Robert; López, Rosario; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Yang, Jiartículo
openAccess1008.5327v2.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2010Detailed Interstellar Polarimetric Properties of the Pipe Nebula at Core ScalesFranco, Gabriel A. P.; Alves, Felipe de O.; Girart, Josep Miquel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Formation of dense structures induced by filament collisions correlation of density, kinematics, and magnetic field in the Pipe nebulaFrau, P.; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Alves, F. O.; Franco, G. A. P.; Onishi, T.; Román-Zúñiga, C. G.artículo
openAccessaj_142_1_33.pdf.jpgJul-2011Infrared and optical polarimetry around the low-mass star-forming region NGC 1333 IRAS 4AAlves, Felipe de O.; Acosta-Pulido, J. A.; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Franco, Gabriel A. P.; Rosario, Lópezartículo
openAccess0908.0473v1.pdf.jpgAug-2009Low-mass protostars and dense cores in different evolutionary stages in IRAS  00213+6530Busquet, Gemma; Palau, Aina ; Estalella, Robert; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Sepúlveda, Inmaculadaartículo
closedAccessMagnetic_fields_massive_stars_Press_release.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2009Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Massive StarsGirart, Josep Miquel ; Beltrán, María Teresa ; Zhang, Qizhou; Rao, Ramprasad; Estalella, Robertartículo
openAccess0609177.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2006Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Sun-Like StarsGirart, Josep Miquel ; Rao, Ramprasad; Marrone, Daniel P.artículo
openAccess1011.2237v1.pdf.jpgMar-2011Millimeter and submillimeter high angular resolution interferometric observations: dust in the heart of IRAS 18162-2048Fernández-López, Manuel; Curiel, Salvador; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Ho, Paul T. P.; Patel, Nimesh A.; Gómez, Yolandapreprint
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2015On the radiation driven alignment of dust grains: Detection of the polarization hole in a starless core (Corrigendum)Alves, F. O.; Frau, P.; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Franco, G. A. P.; Santos, F. P.; Wiesemeyer, H.artículo
openAccess0911.1648v1.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2010The clumpiness of molecular clouds: HCO+ (3–2) survey near Herbig-Haro objectsWhyatt, William; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Viti, Serena; Estalella, Robert; Williams, David A.preprint
openAccess1011.0475v1.pdf.jpg10-Jan-2011The magnetic field in the NGC 2024 FIR 5 dense coreAlves, Felipe de O.; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Lai, Shih-Ping; Rao, Ramprasad; Zhang, Qizhoupreprint
openAccessaa14866-10.pdf.jpgJul-2010The NH2D/NH3 ratio toward pre-protostellar cores around the UC region in IRAS 20293+3952Busquet, Gemma; Palau, Aina ; Estalella, Robert; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Sánchez-Monge, Álvaro; Viti, Serena; Ho, Paul T. P.; Zhang, Qizhouartículo
openAccess1009.2082v1.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2010Young starless cores embedded in the magnetically dominated Pipe NebulaFrau, Pau ; Girart, Josep Miquel ; Beltrán, María Teresa ; Morata, Óscar; Masque, Josep Maria; Busquet, Gemma; Alves, Felipe de O.preprint