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openAccessnanomaterials-08-00865.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2018Anchoring Gated Mesoporous Silica Particles to Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Films for Smart Packaging ApplicationsMuriel Galet, Virginia ; Pérez-Esteve, Édgar; Ruiz-Rico, María; Martínez-Máñez, Ramón; Barat, J.M.; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
openAccessIJFM2017-Kashiri.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2019Antimicrobial packaging based on a LAE containing zein coating to control foodborne pathogens in chicken soupKashiri, M.; López Carballo, Gracia ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
openAccesscoatings-06-00006.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2016Antimicrobial Performance of Two Different Packaging Materials on the Microbiological Quality of Fresh SalmonRollini, Manuela; Nielsen, Tim; Musatti, Alida; Limbo, Sara; Piergiovanni, Luciano; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
openAccessCellulose2019-Benito.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2019Cellulose nanocrystal-based films produced by more sustainable extraction protocols from Posidonia oceanica waste biomassBenito González, Isaac; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Gavara, Rafael ; Martínez-Sanz, Martaartículo
openAccesssensors2019-04684.pdf.jpg2019Chromatic sensor to determine oxygen presence for applications in intelligent packagingLópez Carballo, Gracia ; Muriel Galet, Virginia ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
Laga2005.pdf.jpg2005Comparative performance and barrier properties of biodegradable thermoplastics and nanobiocomposites vs. PET for food packaging applicationsCava, David; Giménez, Enrique; Gavara, Rafael ; Lagarón Cabello, José María artículo
openAccessIJFM-2019-Heras.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2018Development and optimization of antifungal packaging for sliced pan loaf based on garlic as active agent and bread aroma as aroma correctorHeras Mozos, Raquel; Muriel Galet, Virginia ; López Carballo, Gracia ; Catalá, Ramón; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
openAccess20-Jan-2021Development of Biodegradable Films Loaded with Phages with Antilisterial PropertiesLópez de Dicastillo, Carol ; Settier-Ramírez, Laura; Gavara, Rafael ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; López Carballo, Gracia artículo
openAccess2019Effect of high levels of CO2on the electrochemical behavior and the enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant systems in black and white table grapes stored at 0°CRomero, Irene  ; Domínguez, Irene ; Doménech Carbó, Antonio; Gavara, Rafael ; Escribano, M. Isabel  ; Merodio, Carmen  ; Sánchez Ballesta, M. Teresa  artículo
openAccessCarbohydrate Polymers-2016-Higueras.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2016Effect of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin and coadjuvants on the sorption capacity of hydrophilic polymer films for monoterpene alcoholsHigueras, Laura ; López Carballo, Gracia ; Gavara, Rafael ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar artículo
openAccessLopezDiCastillo-JFood Engineer-2011.pdf.jpgJun-2011Food applications of active packaging EVOH films containing cyclodextrins for the preferential scavenging of undesirable compoundsLópez de Dicastillo, Carol ; Catalá Moragrega, Ramón ; Gavara, Rafael ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar artículo
openAccessLopezDiCastillo-J Membr Sci.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2010Immobilization of beta-cyclodextrin in ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer for active food packaging applicationsLópez de Dicastillo, Carol ; Gallur, Miriam; Catalá Moragrega, Ramón ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
openAccessIJFM-2017-Mateo.pdf.jpg11-May-2017Impact of bioactive packaging systems based on EVOH films and essential oils in the control of aflatoxigenic fungi and aflatoxin production in maizeMateo, Eva M.; Gómez, José V.; Domínguez, Irene ; Gimeno Adelantado, José V.; Mateo Castro, Rufino; Gavara, Rafael ; Jiménez, Misericordiaartículo
openAccessLopezDiCastillo-JAgricFoodChemistry-2010.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2010Improving the Antioxidant Protection of Packaged Food by Incorporating Natural Flavonoids into Ethylene−Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (EVOH) FilmsLópez de Dicastillo, Carol ; Alonso, José M. ; Catalá Moragrega, Ramón ; Gavara, Rafael ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar artículo
openAccessFOODCHEM-2016-Dominguez.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2016Influence of modified atmosphere and ethylene levels on quality attributes of fresh tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)Domínguez, Irene ; Lafuente, María Teresa ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
embargoedAccessIJFM2021-Tarazona.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2020Machine learning approach for predicting Fusarium culmorum and F. proliferatum growth and mycotoxin production in treatments with ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer films containing pure components of essential oilsTarazona, Andrea; Mateo, Eva M.; Gómez, José V.; Gavara, Rafael ; Jiménez, Misericordia; Mateo, Fernandoartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Mechanical and thermal behaviour of flexible food packaging polymeric films materials under high pressure/temperature treatmentsGalotto, M. J.; Ulloa, P. A.; Hernández, D.; Fernández Martín, Fernando ; Gavara, Rafael ; Guarda, Abelartículo
polymers-13-00068-v2.pdf.jpg26-Dec-2020Melt-Processed Bioactive EVOH Films Incorporated with Ferulic AcidAragón-Gutiérrez, Alejandro; Rosa, Estela; Gallur, Miriam; López, Daniel ; Hernández-Muñoz, Pilar; Gavara, Rafael artículo
openAccessKASHIRI-FOODHYD-2016.pdf.jpg8-Jun-2016Novel antimicrobial zein film for controlled release of lauroyl arginate (LAE)Kashiri, Mahboobeh; Cerisuelo, Josep Pascual ; Domínguez, Irene ; López Carballo, Gracia ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo
openAccesscoatings-08-00328.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2018Photoactivated Self-Sanitizing Chlorophyllin-Containing Coatings to Prevent Microbial Contamination in Packaged FoodLópez Carballo, Gracia ; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar ; Gavara, Rafael artículo