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closedAccess2010A Mutant D-Fructose-6-Phosphate Aldolase (Ala129Ser) with Improved Affinity towards Dihydroxyacetone for the Synthesis of Polyhydroxylated CompoundsCastillo Expósito, José A.; Guérard-Hélaine, Christine; Gutiérrez, Mariana ; Garrabou, Xavier ; Sancelme, Martine; Schürmann, Melanie; Inoue, Tomoyuki; Hélaine, Virgil; Charmantray, Franck; Gefflaut, Thierry; Hecquet, Laurence; Joglar Tamargo, Jesús ; Clapés Saborit, Pere  ; Sprenger, Georg A.; Lemaire, Marielleartículo
closedAccess2011Current Trends in Asymmetric Synthesis with AldolasesClapés Saborit, Pere  ; Garrabou, Xavier artículo
openAccessEnzymatic enantiomeric resolution of phenylethylamines.pdf.jpg2011Enzymatic enantiomeric resolution of phenylethylamines structurally related to amphetamineGarrabou, Xavier ; Rodríguez, Anna M. ; Rosell, Gloria ; Bosch, María Pilar ; Guerrero, Ángel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Highly efficient aldol additions of DHA and DHAP to N-Cbz-amino aldehydes catalyzed by L-rhamnulose-1-phosphate and L-fuculose-1-phosphate aldolases in aqueous borate bufferGarrabou, Xavier ; Calveras, Jordi; Joglar Tamargo, Jesús ; Parella, Teodor; Bujons Vilàs, Jordi ; Clapés Saborit, Pere  artículo
openAccessPost_print_ACS catalysis_pere Clapes-1.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2016Minimalist Protein Engineering of an Aldolase Provokes Unprecedented Substrate PromiscuityGüclü, Deniz; Szekrenyi, Anna ; Garrabou, Xavier ; Kickstein, Michael; Junker, Sebastian; Fessner, Wolf-Dieter; Clapés Saborit, Pere  artículo
closedAccess2011Redesign of the Phosphate Binding Site of L-Rhamnulose- 1-Phosphate Aldolase towards a Dihydroxyacetone Dependent AldolaseGarrabou, Xavier ; Joglar Tamargo, Jesús ; Parella, Teodor; Crehuet, Ramón ; Bujons Vilàs, Jordi ; Clapés Saborit, Pere  artículo
closedAccess2010Structure-Guided Minimalist Redesign of the L-Fuculose-1-Phosphate Aldolase Active Site: Expedient Synthesis of Novel Polyhydroxylated Pyrrolizidines and their Inhibitory Properties Against Glycosidases and Intestinal DisaccharidasesGarrabou, Xavier ; Gómez, Livia; Joglar Tamargo, Jesús ; Gil, Sergi; Parella, Teodor; Bujons Vilàs, Jordi ; Clapés Saborit, Pere  artículo