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openAccesseth.13005.pdf.jpg2020A behavioural trait displayed in an artificial novel environment correlates with dispersal in a wild birdJablonszky, Mónika; Krenhardt, Katalin; Markó, Gábor Szász, E.; Hegyi, Gergely; Herényi, Márton; Kötél, D.; Laczi, Miklós; Nagy, Gegerly; Rosivall, Balázs; Török, János; Garamszegi, László Z. artículo
openAccess2013A meta-analysis of correlated behaviors with implications for behavioral syndromes: relationships between particular behavioral traitsGaramszegi, László Z. ; Gabór, Markó; Herczeg, Gáborartículo
openAccessevol.ecol.pdf.jpg2012A meta-analysis of correlated behaviours with implications for behavioural syndromes: Mean effect size, publication bias, phylogenetic effects and the role of mediator variablesGaramszegi, László Z. ; Markó, Gábor; Herczeg, Gáborartículo
openAccessA simple statistical guide for the analysis of behaviour when data are constrained due to practical or ethical reasons.pdf.jpg2016A simple statistical guide for the analysis of behaviour when data are constrained due to practical or ethical reasonsGaramszegi, László Z. artículo
openAccessOrnisHungarica_vol24(1)_p115-127.pdf.jpg2016A test on within-individual changes in risk-taking behaviour due to experience to predation in the Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis)Krenhardt, K.; Markó, Gábor; Szász, Eszter; Jablonszky, Mónika; Zsebök, Sándor; Török, János; Garamszegi, László Z. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Aggressive behavior of the male parent predicts brood sex ratio in a songbirdSzász, Eszter; Garamszegi, László Z. ; Hegyi, A.; Szöllosi, E.; Markó, Gábor; Török, János; Rosivall, B.artículo
openAccessGaramszegietal2015BehavEcolSociobiol.pdf.jpg2015Among-year variation in the repeatability, within- and between-individual, and phenotypic correlations of behaviors in a natural populationGaramszegi, László Z. ; Markó, Gábor; Szász, Eszter; Zsebök, Sándor; Azcárate, Manuel; Herczeg, Gábor; Török, Jánosartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMay-2016Assessing sources of error in comparative analyses of primate behavior: Intraspecific variation in group size and the social brain hypothesisSandel, Aaron A.; Miller, Jordan A.; Mitani, John C.; Nunn, Charles L.; Patterson, Samantha K.; Garamszegi, László Z. artículo
openAccessUrszan et al 2014_resubmitted2.pdf.jpg2015Behavioural consistency and life history of Rana dalmatina tadpolesUrszán, Tamás Janós; Török, János; Hettyey, Attila; Garamszegi, László Z. ; Herczeg, Gáborartículo
closedAccess1-Feb-2009Behavioural syndromes and trappability in free-living collared flycatchers, Ficedula albicollisGaramszegi, László Z. ; Eens, Marcel; Török, Jánosartículo
openAccessbehav.ecol.pdf.jpg2012Behavioural syndromes, syndrome deviation and the within- and between-individual components of phenotypic correlations: When reality does not meet statisticsGaramszegi, László Z. ; Herczeg, Gáborartículo
openAccessbehecvo.pdf.jpg2012Between individual variation in risk-taking behavior and its life history consequencesMoller, Anders P.; Garamszegi, László Z. artículo
openAccessBlood-parasite infection intensity covaries with risk-taking personality in male Carpetan rock lizards.pdf.jpg2016Blood Parasite Infection Intensity Covaries with Risk-Taking Personality in Male Carpetan Rock Lizards (Iberolacerta cyreni)Horváth, Gergely; Martín Rueda, José  ; López Martínez, Pilar  ; Garamszegi, László Z. ; Bertók, Péter; Herczeg, Gáborartículo
openAccessJovani et al_rev_Digital_CSIC.pdf.jpg2016Colony size and foraging range in seabirdsJovani, Roger ; Lascelles, Ben G.; Garamszegi, László Z. ; Mavor, Roddy, Thaxter, Ghirs B.; Oro, Daniel  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg16-Jun-2015Colony size and foraging range in seabirdsJovani, Roger ; Lascelles, Ben G.; Garamszegi, László Z. ; Mavor, R.; Oro, Daniel  comunicación de congreso
openAccess1471-2148-9-73.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2009Correlated evolution of nucleotide substitution rates and allelic variation in Mhc-DRB lineages of primatesGaramszegi, László Z. ; Groot, Natasja G de; Bontrop, Ronald E.artículo
openAccesseth2049.pdf.jpg2012Corticosterone, Avoidance of Novelty, Risk-Taking and Aggression in a Wild Bird: No Evidence for Pleiotropic EffectsGaramszegi, László Z. ; Rosivall, B.; Rettenbacher, S.; Markó, Gábor; Zsebök, Sándor; Szöllosi, E.; Eens, Marcel; Potti, Jaime  ; Török, Jánosartículo
openAccessrsbl.2019.0051.pdf.jpg2019Digit ratio predicts the number of lifetime recruits in female collared flycatchersNagy, Gegerly; Garamszegi, László Z. ; Hegyi, Gegerly; Herényi, M.; Laczi, Miklós; Rosivall, B.; Szöllosi, E.; Török, Jánosartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2017Divergent morphologies of adhesive predatory mouthparts of Stenus species (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) explain differences in adhesive performance and resulting prey-capture successKoerner, Lars; Garamszegi, László Z. ; Hefetz, Abraham ; Betz, Oliverartículo
openAccess666081.pdf.jpg2012Do animals living in larger groups experience greater parasitism? A meta-analysisRifkin, J.L.; Nunn, C.L.; Garamszegi, László Z. artículo