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openAccessTronchoni Int J Food Microbiol.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2009Differences in the glucose and fructose consumption profiles in diverse Saccharomyces wine species and their hybrids during grape juice fermentationTronchoni, Jordi ; Gamero, Amparo ; Arroyo López, Francisco Noé  ; Barrio, Eladio ; Querol, Amparo artículo
embargoedAccessFH2021-Laguna.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2020Food matrix impact on oral structure breakdown and sandiness perception of semisolid systems including resistant starchLaguna, Laura; Rizo, Arantxa; Pineda, Delia; Pérez, Sara; Gamero, Amparo ; Tárrega, Amparo artículo
openAccess12934_2015_Article_314.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2015Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of aroma synthesis in two hybrids between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and S. kudriavzevii in winemaking conditionsGamero, Amparo ; Belloch, Carmela ; Querol, Amparo artículo
openAccessIJFM2019-Su.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2019Interspecific hybridisation among diverse Saccharomyces species: A combined biotechnological solution for low-temperature and nitrogen-limited wine fermentationsSu, Ying; Gamero, Amparo ; Rodríguez, M.E.; Ariel Lopes, Christian; Querol, Amparo ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0097626.pdf.jpg2014Molecular analysis of the genes involved in aroma synthesis in the species S. cerevisiae, S. kudriavzevii and S. bayanus var. uvarum in winemaking conditionsGamero, Amparo ; Belloch, Carmela ; Ibáñez, Clara ; Querol, Amparo artículo
openAccessPotential_Gamero_Art2019.pdf.jpg1-May-2019Potential impact of oat ingredient type on oral fragmentation of biscuits and oro-digestibility of starch—an In vitro approachGamero, Amparo ; Nguyen, Quoc Cuong; Varela, Paula ; Fiszman, Susana ; Tárrega, Amparo ; Rizo, Arantxaartículo
openAccessIJFM-2015-Stribny.pdf.jpg2015Saccharomyces kudriavzevii and Saccharomyces uvarum differ from Saccharomyces cerevisiae during the production of aroma-active higher alcohols and acetate esters using their amino acidic precursorsStribny, Jiri ; Gamero, Amparo ; Pérez Torrado, Roberto ; Querol, Amparo artículo
openAccessDoctoral Thesis A Gamero.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2011Study of the production and release of aromas during winemaking carried out by different Saccharomyces species and hybridsGamero, Amparo tesis doctoral