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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Chemical reactivity and electrochemistry of metal-metal-bonded zincocenesCarrasco, Mario ; Peloso, Riccardo ; Resa, I.; Rodríguez, Amor ; Sánchez, Luis J. ; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Maya, Celia ; Andreu, R.; Calvente, J.J.; Galindo, Agustín; Carmona, Ernesto Artículo
closedAccess29-Sep-2010Comparison of the coordination capabilities of thiodiacetate and oxydiacetate ligands through the X-ray characterization and DFT studies of [V(O)(tda)(phen)]·4H2O and [V(O)(oda)(phen)]·1.5H2OÁlvarez, Lucía; Grirrane, Abdessamad; Moyano, Raquel; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Pastor, Antonio; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Dioxomolybdenum(VI) complexes with acylpyrazolonate ligands: Synthesis, structures, and catalytic propertiesHills, L.; Moyano, Raquel; Montilla, Francisco; Pastor, Antonio; Galindo, Agustín; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Marchetti, F.; Pettinari, ClaudioArtículo
closedAccess16-Jul-2008Direct Bonds Between Metal Atoms: Zn, Cd, and Hg Compounds with Metal–Metal BondsCarmona, Ernesto ; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Experimental and theoretical insights into the oxodiperoxomolybdenum- catalysed sulphide oxidation using hydrogen peroxide in ionic liquidsCarrasco, Carlos J.; Montilla, Francisco; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Mealli, Carlo; Manca, Gabriele; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
openAccess2011Influence of N-donor bases and the solvent in oxodiperoxomolybdenum catalysed olefin epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide in ionic liquidsHerbert, Matthew; Montilla, Francisco; Galindo, Agustín; Moyano, Raquel; Pastor, Antonio; Álvarez, Eleuterio Artículo
closedAccess23-Mar-2005Magnesium dicarboxylates: First structurally characterized oxydiacetate and thiodiacetate magnesium complexesGrirrane, Abdessamad; Pastor, Antonio; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
openAccessNa1_2010.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2010{[Na1(-H2O)Na2]2[(C2O4)2Cr(-OH)2Cr(C2O4)2]·H2O}n, a novel hydrated formBélombé, Michel M.; Nenwa, Justin; Ngoune, Jean; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccess1-Dec-2005Novel results on thiodiacetate zinc(II) complexes: Synthesis and structure of [Zn(tda)(phen)]2 · 5H2OGrirrane, Abdessamad; Pastor, Antonio; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Mealli, Carlo; Ienco, Andrea; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccess2-Jul-2010Olefin epoxidation by hydrogen peroxide catalysed by molybdenum complexes in ionic liquids and structural characterisation of the proposed intermediate dioxoperoxomolybdenum speciesHerbert, Matthew; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Cole-Hamilton, David J.; Montilla, Francisco; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccess11-Sep-2009Olefin epoxidations in the ionic liquid [C4mim][PF6] catalysed by oxodiperoxomolybdenum species in situ generated from molybdenum trioxide and urea–hydrogen peroxide: The synthesis and molecular structure of [Mo(O)(O2)2(4-MepyO)2]·H2OHerbert, Matthew; Montilla, Francisco; Moyano, Raquel; Pastor, Antonio; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccess24-Dec-2008Rhodium Complexes with Pincer Diphosphite Ligands. Unusual Olefin in-Plane Coordination in Square-Planar CompoundsRubio Moreno, Miguel ; Suárez, Andrés ; Río, Diego del; Galindo, Agustín; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Pizzano, Antonio Artículo
openAccessRhodium_2007.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2006Rhodium diphosphite pincer complexes. Rare preferred in-plane olefin conformation in square-planar compoundsRubio Moreno, Miguel ; Suárez, Andrés ; Río, Diego del; Galindo, Agustín; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Pizzano, Antonio Artículo
closedAccess29-Jun-2007Structural diversity of thiodiacetate compounds of group II metals: Synthesis and X-ray characterization of 2D coordination polymers of calcium and strontiumGrirrane, Abdessamad; Pastor, Antonio; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Moyano, Raquel; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccess22-Oct-2010Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of Two N2-Donor Chelating Di(indazolyl)methane Ligands: Structural Characterization and Comparison of Their Metal Chelation AptitudesPettinari, Claudio; Marinelli, Alessandro; Marchetti, F.; Ngoune, Jean; Galindo, Agustín; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Gómez, Margarita Artículo
closedAccess24-Mar-2007Synthesis of mixed cobalt–nickel oxydiacetate compounds: The X-ray characterization of [Co0.4Ni0.6(oda)(H2O)3] · 1.5H2OGrirrane, Abdessamad; Pastor, Antonio; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; González, Manuel; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccess19-Jul-2009Synthesis, characterisation and crystal structure of a cobalt(II)-hexamethylenetetramine coordination polymerNdifon, Peter T.; Agwara, Moise O.; Paboudam, Awawou G.; Yufanyi, Divine M.; Ngoune, Jean; Galindo, Agustín; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Mohamadou, AminouArtículo
embargoedAccessICA_finalversion.pdf.jpg2018The dizinc bond as a ligand: A computational study of elongated dizinc bondsAyala, Regla ; Carmona, Ernesto ; Galindo, AgustínArtículo
closedAccess20-Jan-2005Theoretical and Synthetic Studies on [Zn2(η5-C5Me5)2]: Analysis of the Zn-Zn Bonding InteractionRío, Diego del; Galindo, Agustín; Resa, I.; Carmona, Ernesto Artículo
closedAccess18-Jun-2007Thiodiacetate and Oxydiacetate Cobalt Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and Stereochemical FeaturesGrirrane, Abdessamad; Pastor, Antonio; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Mealli, Carlo; Ienco, Andrea; Rosa, Patrick; Galindo, AgustínArtículo