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openAccessWO2012146812A1.pdf.jpg1-Nov-201238MNV6 bainitic steel, method for obtaining same and use thereofMedina, Sebastián F.; Rancel, Lucía; Gómez, Manuel; Ruiz-Bustinza, I.patente
openAccessES2391322A1.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2012Acero bainítico 38MnV6, procedimiento de obtención y usoMedina, Sebastián F.; Rancel, Lucía; Gómez, Manuel; Ruiz-Bustinza, I.patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of V(C, N|) nanoparticles in a medium carbon bainitic microalloyed steel and their influence on strengtheningRancel, Lucía; Gómez, Manuel; Medina, Sebastián F.; Valles, P.artículo
openAccess32_Met Mater Int 15 (2009) 689-699.pdf.jpg2009Assessment of austenite static recrystallization and grain size evolution during multipass hot rolling of a niobium-microalloyed steelGómez, Manuel; Rancel, Lucía; Medina, Sebastián F.artículo
openAccessJan-2009Atherosclerosis development in apolipoprotein E-null mice deficient for CD69Gómez, Manuel; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Naim Abu Nabah, Yafa ; Lamana, Amalia; Sánchez Madrid, Francisco; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
openAccessEuropean Food Research and Technology-2007-224-525-534.pdf.jpgMar-2007Bread quality and dough rheology of enzyme-supplemented wheat flourCaballero, Pedro A.; Gómez, Manuel; Rosell, Cristina M. artículo
openAccess372.pdf.jpgSep-2003CD69 downregulates autoimmune reactivity through active transforming growth factor-β production in collagen-induced arthritisSancho, David; Gómez, Manuel; Viedma, Fernando; Esplugues, Enric; Gordón Alonso, Mónica; García López, María Ángeles; Fuente, Hortensia de la; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Lauzurica, Pilar; Sánchez-Madrid, Franciscoartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1994Cell adhesion and tumor progression in mouse skin carcinogenesis: Increased synthesis and organization of fibronectin is associated with the undifferentiated spindle phenotypeGómez, Manuel; Navarro, Pilar ; Cano, Amparo artículo
openAccessIJBM-2017-Roman.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2017Changes in physicochemical properties and in vitro starch digestion of native and extruded maize flours subjected to branching enzyme and maltogenic α-amylase treatmentRomán, Laura; Martínez, Mario M.; Rosell, Cristina M. ; Gómez, Manuelartículo
openAccess11_Mat Sci Forum 480-481 (2005) 489-493.pdf.jpg2005Characterization by Electron Diffraction of Two Thermodynamical Phases of Precipitation in Nb-Microalloyed SteelsGómez, Manuel; Medina, Sebastián F.; Valles, P.; Quispe, Albertoartículo
openAccessFood Chem-2016-Roman.pdf.jpg15-May-2016Combination of extrusion and cyclodextrin glucanotransferase treatment to modify wheat flours functionalityRomán, Laura; Durá, Ángela ; Martínez, Mario M.; Rosell, Cristina M. ; Gómez, Manuelartículo
openAccess372.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2003Crecimiento anormal del grano austenítico en el acero microaleado 38MnSiV55 y determinación de las fuerzas impulsoras y de anclajeMedina, Sebastián F.; Chapa, M.; Gómez, Manuel; Quispe, Alberto; López, Víctor; Fernández, B. J.artículo
openAccess2009Design of composition in (Al/Si)-alloyed TRIP SteelsGómez, Manuel; García, Isaac; M. Haezebrouck, Dennis; Deardo, Anthony J.artículo
openAccess16_ISIJ Int 45 (2005) 1711-1720.pdf.jpg2005Determination of Driving and Pinning Forces for Static Recrystallization during Hot Rolling of a Niobium Microalloyed SteelGómez, Manuel; Medina, Sebastián F.; Valles, P.artículo
openAccess03_Steel Research 73 (10)_ 446-452_2002.pdf.jpgOct-2002Determination of Residual Stress and Critical Rolling Temperatures in a Microalloyed Steel with Low Carbon and Niobium ContentsGómez, Manuel; Hernanz, Oscar; Medina, Sebastián F.; Tarín, Pascualartículo
closedAccessDevelopment Bainite.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2013DEVELOPMENT OF A HIGH TOUGHNESS BAINITE IN A 38MnV7 STEELMedina, Sebastián F.; Rancel, Lucía; Gómez, Manuel; Calvo, J.; Boulajaaj, A.; Hernández, A.; Cabrera, J. M.comunicación de congreso
openAccessFood Bioprocess Technol-2014-Martinez.pdf.jpg2014Effect of Different Extrusion Treatments and Particle Size Distribution on the Physicochemical Properties of Rice FlourMartínez, Mario M.; Calviño, Adelina ; Rosell, Cristina M. ; Gómez, Manuelartículo
openAccessOct-2012Effect of different fibers on batter and gluten-free layer cake propertiesGularte, Márcia Arocha; de la Hera, Esther; Gómez, Manuel; Rosell, Cristina M. artículo
openAccessJournal Cereal Science-2005-42-93-100.pdf.jpgJul-2005Effect of microbial transglutaminase on the rheological and thermal properties of insect damaged wheat flourCaballero, Pedro A.; Bonet, Arturo; Rosell, Cristina M. ; Gómez, Manuelartículo
openAccessFood Bioprocess Technol-2015-Roman.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Microwave Treatment on Physicochemical Properties of Maize FlourRomán, Laura; Martínez, Mario M.; Rosell, Cristina M. ; Gómez, Manuelartículo