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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Changes in the host proteome and transcriptome induced by viroid infectionOwens, Robert A.; Gómez, Gustavo ; Lisón Párraga, Purificación ; Conejero, Vicente capítulo de libro
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Characterization of miRNA-mediated response to multiple stress conditions in Cucumis meloCervera-Seco, Luis; Marquez-Molins, Joan; Sanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Fernández-Guzmán, Gabriel; Marqués, M. Carmen ; Gómez, Gustavo comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Dynamic architecture and regulatory implications of the miRNA network underlying the response to stress in melonSanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Marqués, M. Carmen ; Martínez, Germán ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
openAccessElena et al Viruses.pdf.jpg2009Evolutionary constraints to viroid evolutionElena, Santiago F.  ; Gómez, Gustavo ; Daròs Arnau, José Antonio artículo
openAccessfunctstres.pdf.jpg2019Functional implications of stress-dependent miRNA misprocessing in Cucumis melo plantsFernández-Guzmán, Gabriel; Sanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Marquez-Molins, Joan; Cervera-Seco, Luis; Gómez, Gustavo ; Marqués, M. Carmen comunicación de congreso
openAccessPLOS ONE 6_e19523.pdf.jpg16-May-2011High-Throughput Sequencing, Characterization and Detection of New and Conserved Cucumber miRNAsMartínez, Germán ; Forment, Javier ; Llave, César  ; Pallás Benet, Vicente ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
openAccesshighly_efficient_construction_infectious_viroid-derived_clones.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2019Highly efficient construction of infectious viroid-derived clonesMarquez-Molins, Joan; Navarro-Bohigues, J. A. ; Pallás Benet, Vicente ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2019Identification and characterization of a stress-responsive TAS3-derived tasiRNAs in melonCervera-Seco, Luis; Marqués, M. Carmen ; Sanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Marquez-Molins, Joan; Carbonell, Alberto; Daròs Arnau, José Antonio ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
closedAccess6-Mar-2007An important new apricot disease in Spain is associated with Hop stunt viroid infectionAmari, Khalid ; Ruiz, David ; Gómez, Gustavo ; Sánchez-Pina, M. Amelia  ; Pallás Benet, Vicente ; Egea, José artículo
openAccessinferrmelon.pdf.jpg2019Inferring the regulatory network of the miRNA-mediated response to biotic and abiotic stress in melonSanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Marqués, M. Carmen ; Bustamante, Antonio; Fares, Mario A. ; Rodrigo, Guillermo ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
openAccess2019Inferring the relationship between differential methylation and siRNAs alterations in melon plants exposed to cold stressMarquez-Molins, Joan; Orduña, Luis; Cervera-Seco, Luis; Fernández-Guzmán, Gabriel; Marqués, M. Carmen ; Sanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Gómez, Gustavo póster de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2002Late Pleistocene gomphotheres (Proboscidea) from the Arroyo Tapalqué locality (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and their taxonomic and biogeographic implicationPrado, José Luis; Alberdi, María Teresa  ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
openAccessArroyo Seco.pdf.jpg30-Dec-1999Micromamíferos del sitio Arroyo Seco 2 (provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina). Sus implicaciones tafonómicas y paleoambientalesGómez, Gustavo ; Prado, José Luis; Alberdi, María Teresa  artículo
openAccessPallasV(2010)PlosOne.pdf.jpgAug-2010Noncoding RNA mediated traffic of foreign mRNA into chloroplasts reveals a novel signalling mechanism in plantsGómez, Gustavo ; Pallás Benet, Vicente artículo
openAccessPhloem RNA-binding proteins.pdf.jpg10-May-2013Phloem RNA-binding proteins as potential components of the long-distance RNA transport systemPallás Benet, Vicente ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
openAccessPlantPhysiol_159_558.pdf.jpgJun-2012Studies on Subcellular Compartmentalization of Plant Pathogenic Noncoding RNAs Give New Insights into the Intracellular RNA-Traffic MechanismsGómez, Gustavo ; Pallás Benet, Vicente artículo
openAccessMMBiol_894_323.pdf.jpg2012The interaction between plant viroid-induced symptoms and RNA silencing.Pallás Benet, Vicente ; Martínez, Germán ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Viral fitness determines the magnitude of transcriptomic and epigenomic reprograming of defense responses in plantsCorrêa, Régis L.; Sanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Kogej, Zala; Müller, Sebastian Y.; Ambrós, Silvia ; López-Gomollón, Sara ; Gómez, Gustavo ; Baulcombe, David C.; Elena, Santiago F.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Viroid MovementPallás Benet, Vicente ; Gómez, Gustavo capítulo de libro