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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017A novel role of syntaxin 3 as a regulator of human cytomegalovirus gene expressionFraile-Ramos, Alberto; Giovannone, Adrian; Aguiar, Renato; Izquierdo, Manuel  ; Calvo, Victor ; Tanuri, Amilcar; Souza, Wanderley de; Weimbs, Thomaspóster de congreso
openAccess2011Diacylglycerol kinase α regulates the formation and polarisation of mature multivesicular bodies involved in the secretion of Fas ligand-containing exosomes in T lymphocytesAlonso, Roberto ; Mazzeo, C. ; Rodríguez, María del Carmen ; Fraile-Ramos, Alberto; Calvo, Victor ; Ávila-Flores, Antonia; Mérida, Isabel; Izquierdo, Manuel  artículo
openAccessmonoubiexo.pdf.jpg2017Monoubiquitination of syntaxin 3 leads to retrieval from the basolateral plasma membrane and facilitates cargo recruitment to exosomesGiovannone, Adrian J.; Reales, Elena; Bhattaram, Pallavi; Fraile-Ramos, Alberto; Weimbs, Thomasartículo
openAccessRevillaY_RoleofPropteolipidProteinInHSV-1.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2016Role of proteolipid protein in HSV-1 entry in oligodendrocytic cellsBello-Morales, Raquel; Crespillo, Antonio Jesús ; Praena, Beatriz; Tabarés, Enrique; Revilla Novella, Yolanda ; García, Elena; Fraile-Ramos, Alberto; Baron, Wia; Krummenacher, Claude; López-Guerrero, José Antonio artículo
openAccess1471-2180-12-265.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2012Role of the small GTPase Rab27a during Herpes simplex virus infection of oligodendrocytic cellsBello-Morales, Raquel; Crespillo, Antonio Jesús ; Fraile-Ramos, Alberto; Tabarés, Enrique; Alcina, Antonio; López-Guerrero, José Antonio artículo