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openAccess2011Chemical cues involved in the attraction of the oligolectic bee Hoplitis adunca to its host plant Echium vulgareFilella, Iolanda; Bosch, Jordi ; Llusia, Joan; Peñuelas, Anna; Peñuelas, Josepartículo
openAccessacpd-11-20389-2011.pdf.jpg2011Contrasting winter and summer VOC mixing ratios at a forest site in the Western Mediterranean Basin: the effect of local biogenic emissions.Seco, R.; Peñuelas, Josep; Filella, Iolanda; Llusia, Joan; Molowny-Horas, R.; Schallhart, S.; Metzger, A.; Müller, Maren; Hansel, A.artículo
openAccessNov-2008Formaldehyde emission and uptake by Mediterranean trees Quercus ilex and Pinus halepensisSeco, R.; Peñuelas, Josep; Filella, Iolandaartículo
closedAccessJan-2008From phosphorus and VOCs to biodiversity: Some studies on the effects of global change inspired by Margalef's legacyPeñuelas, Josep; Jump, Alistair S.; Sardans, Jordi; Filella, Iolanda; Estiarte, Marc; Ogaya, Romá; Llusià, Joan; Owen, Sue; Lloret, Franciscocapítulo de libro
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2013Intensive measurements of gas, water, and energy exchange between vegetation and troposphere during the MONTES campaign in a vegetation gradient from short semi-desertic shrublands to tall wet temperate forests in the NW Mediterranean BasinPeñuelas, Josep; Llusía, J.; Filella, Iolanda; Seco, R.; Estiarte, Marc; Mejia-Chang, M.; Ogaya, Romá; Sardans, Jordi; Castaño, L.M.; Greenberg, J.artículo
closedAccessSep-2007Interannual and interseasonal soil CO2 efflux and VOC exchange rates in a Mediterranean holm oak forest in response to experimental droughtAsensio, D.; Peñuelas, Josep; Llusia, Joan; Ogaya, Romá; Filella, Iolandaartículo
openAccess2008Interannual and seasonal changes in the soil exchange rates of monoterpenes and other VOCs in a Mediterranean shrublandAsensio, D.; Peñuelas, Josep; Prieto, P.; Estiarte, Marc; Filella, Iolanda; Llusia, Joanartículo
openAccessOct-2007Mass scans from a proton transfer mass spectrometry analysis of air over Mediterranean shrubland browsed by horsesBartolomé, Jordi ; Peñuelas, Josep; Filella, Iolanda; Llusia, Joan; Broncano, M. José; Plaixats, J.artículo
openAccess2011Methanol as a signal triggering isoprenoid emissions and photosynthetic performance in Quercus ilexSeco, R.; Filella, Iolanda; Llusia, Joan; Peñuelas, Josepartículo
openAccess2007Methyl salicylate fumigation increases monoterpene emission ratesPeñuelas, Josep; Lluisa, Joan; Filella, Iolandaartículo
openAccess2010Patterns and controls of the variability of radiation use efficiency and primary productivity across terrestrial ecosystemsGarbulsky, M. F.; Peñuelas, Josep; Papale, D.; Ardö, Jonas; Goulden, M. L.; Kiely, G.; Richardson, A. D.; Rotenberg, E.; Veenendaal, E. M.; Filella, Iolandaartículo
closedAccessPress_release.pdf.jpg15-May-2009Phenology feedbacks on climate changePeñuelas, Josep; Rutishauser, This; Filella, Iolandaartículo
openAccess2011Photochemical reflectance index (PRI) and remote sensing of plant CO2 uptake.Peñuelas, Josep; Garbulsky, M. F.; Filella, Iolandaartículo
openAccess2009PRI assessment of long-term changes in carotenoids/chlorophyll ratio and short-term changes in de-epoxidation state of the xanthophyll cycle.Filella, Iolanda; Porcar-Castell, A.; Munné-Bosch, Sergi; Back, J.; Peñuelas, Josepartículo
openAccess2009Rapid changes in butterfly communities following the abandonment of grasslands: a case study.Stefanescu, Constantino ; Peñuelas, Josep; Filella, Iolandaartículo
openAccessDec-2008Remote estimation of carbon dioxide uptake by a Mediterranean forest.Garbulsky, M. F.; Peñuelas, Josep; Papale, D.; Filella, Iolandaartículo
closedAccess2009Short-chained oxygenated VOC emissions in Pinus halepensis in response to changes in water availability.Filella, Iolanda; Peñuelas, Josep; Seco, R.artículo
openAccess2011The photochemical reflectance index (PRI) and the remote sensing of leaf, canopy and ecosystem radiation use efficiencies: A review and meta-analysisGarbulsky, M. F.; Peñuelas, Josep; Gamon, J.; Inoue, Y.; Filella, Iolandaartículo
closedAccessMay-2007Volatile organic compounds emissions in Norway spruce (Picea abies) in response to temperature changesFilella, Iolanda; Wilkinson, Michael J.; Llusia, Joan; Hewitt, C. Nicholas; Peñuelas, Josepartículo