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openAccessComparison between Two.pdf.jpg2010A comparison between two representatives of a set of graphs: median vs barycenter graphBardaji, I.; Ferrer, Miquel ; Sanfeliu, Alberto  comunicación de congreso
openAccessconductance electrical.pdf.jpg2010A conductance electrical model for representing and matching weighted undirected graphsIgelmo, Manuel; Sanfeliu, Alberto  ; Ferrer, Miquel comunicación de congreso
openAccessA Generic Framework.pdf.jpg2011A generic framework for median graph computation based on a recursive embedding approachFerrer, Miquel ; Karatzas, D.; Valveny, Ernest; Bardaji, I.; Bunke, Horstartículo
openAccessrecursive embedding.pdf.jpg2009A recursive embedding approach to median graph computationFerrer, Miquel ; Karatzas, D.; Valveny, Ernest; Bunke, Horstcomunicación de congreso
openAccessAutonomous navigation.pdf.jpg2010Autonomous navigation for urban service mobile robotsCorominas Murtra, Andreu ; Trulls, Eduard ; Sandoval-Torres, Oscar ; Pérez-Ibarz, J. ; Vasquez, D.; Mirats-Tur, Josep M. ; Ferrer, Miquel ; Sanfeliu, Alberto  comunicación de congreso
openAccessComputing the Barycenter.pdf.jpg2010Computing the Barycenter Graph by Means of the Graph Edit DistanceBardaji, I.; Ferrer, Miquel ; Sanfeliu, Alberto  comunicación de congreso
openAccessGraph-based k-means.pdf.jpg2009Graph-based k-means clustering: A comparison of the set versus the generalized median graphFerrer, Miquel ; Valveny, Ernest; Serratosa, Francesc; Bardaji, I.; Bunke, Horstcomunicación de congreso
openAccessMedian Graph Computation.pdf.jpg2009Median graph computation by means of a genetic approach based on minimum common supergraph and maximum common subraphFerrer, Miquel ; Valveny, Ernest; Serratosa, Francesccomunicación de congreso
openAccessdoc1.pdf.jpg2005Synthesis of median spectral graphFerrer, Miquel ; Serratosa, Francesc; Sanfeliu, Alberto  comunicación de congreso