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openAccesssurface electron dynamics.pdf.jpg2014Bulk and surface electron dynamics in a p-type topological insulator SnSb2Te4Niesner, D.; Fauster, Th.; Menshchikova, Tatiana V.; Eremeev, S. V.; Aliev, Ziya S.; Echenique, Pedro M. ; Chulkov, Eugene V. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Decay of electronic excitations at metal surfacesEchenique, Pedro M. ; Berndt, Richard; Chulkov, Eugene V. ; Fauster, Th.; Goldmann, A.; Höfer, Ulrichartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Electron dynamics of unoccupied states in topological insulatorsNiesner, D.; Otto, S.; Fauster, Th.; Chulkov, Eugene V. ; Eremeev, S. V.; Tereshchenko, O. E.; Kokh, K. A.artículo
openAccesslifetPd.pdf.jpg2000Lifetimes of unoccupied surface states on Pd(111)Schäfer, A.; Shumay, I. L.; Wiets, M.; Weinelt, M.; Fauster, Th.; Chulkov, Eugene V. ; Silkin, Viatcheslav M.; Echenique, Pedro M. artículo
openAccessOne-dimensional.pdf.jpg2014One-dimensional potential for image-potential states on grapheneAndrés, Pedro L. de ; Echenique, Pedro M. ; Niesner, D.; Fauster, Th.; Rivacoba, Alberto artículo
openAccessbismuth chalcogenides.pdf.jpg2012Unoccupied topological states on bismuth chalcogenidesNiesner, D.; Fauster, Th.; Eremeev, S. V.; Menshchikova, Tatiana V.; Koroteev, Yuri M.; Protogenov, A. P.; Chulkov, Eugene V. artículo
openAccessunusuPd.pdf.jpg2009Unusually weak electron-phonon coupling in the Shockley surface state on Pd(111)Sklyadneva, Irina Yu.; Heid, Rolf; Silkin, Viatcheslav M.; Melzer, A.; Bohnen, Klaus-Peter; Echenique, Pedro M. ; Fauster, Th.; Chulkov, Eugene V. artículo