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openAccessendosymbiotic_bacteria_Sabater.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2017Chance and necessity in the genome evolution of endosymbiotic bacteria of insectsSabater-Muñoz, Beatriz ; Toft, Christina ; Álvarez-Ponce, David; Fares, Mario A. artículo
openAccess1471-2148-13-156-S5.PDF.jpg22-Jul-2013Coevolution analyses illuminate the dependencies between amino acid sites in the chaperonin system GroES-LRuiz-González, Mario X. ; Fares, Mario A. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2001Evidence for positive selection in the capsid protein-coding region of the foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) subjected to experimental passage regimensFares, Mario A. ; Moya, Andrés; Escarmís, Cristina; Baranowski, Eric; Domingo, Esteban ; Barrio, Eladio artículo
openAccess2016 Roque PI-like JExpBot.pdf.jpgMar-2016Evolution by gene duplication of Medicago truncatula PISTILLATA-like transcription factorsRoque E; Fares, Mario A. ; Yenush L; Rochina MC; Wen J; Mysore KS; Gómez-Mena C; Beltrán JP; Cañas LAartículo
openAccess1-May-2017Genome Mutational and Transcriptional Hotspots Are Traps for Duplicated Genes and Sources of AdaptationsFares, Mario A. ; Sabater-Muñoz, Beatriz ; Toft, Christina artículo
openAccessinferrmelon.pdf.jpg2019Inferring the regulatory network of the miRNA-mediated response to biotic and abiotic stress in melonSanz-Carbonell, Alejandro; Marqués, M. Carmen  ; Bustamante, Antonio; Fares, Mario A. ; Rodrigo, Guillermo ; Gómez, Gustavo artículo
openAccessintrinsapproac.pdf.jpg2018Intrinsic adaptive value and early fate of gene duplication revealed by a bottom-up approachRodrigo, Guillermo ; Fares, Mario A. artículo
openAccess1471-2148-12-145.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2012Molecular evolution of psbA gene in ferns: unraveling selective pressure and co-evolutionary patternSen, Lin; Fares, Mario A. ; Su, Ying-Juan; Wang, Tingartículo
openAccess1745-6150-6-29.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2011Molecular evolution of rbcL in three gymnosperm families: identifying adaptive and coevolutionary patternsSen, Lin; Fares, Mario A. ; Liang, Bo; Gao, Lei; Wang, Bo; Wang, Ting; Su, Ying-Juanartículo
openAccessHasiów-Jaroszewska et al. J. Mol. Evol.pdf.jpgJan-2014Molecular Evolution of Viral Multifunctional Proteins: The Case of Potyvirus HC-ProElena, Santiago F.  ; Fares, Mario A. ; Hasiow-Jaroszewska, Beataartículo
openAccess1471-2148-10-310.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2010Mutational dynamics of murine angiogenin duplicatesCodoñer, Francisco M.; Alfonso-Loeches, Silvia; Fares, Mario A. artículo
closedAccessMay-2010Pivotal Advance: Avian colony-stimulating factor 1 (CSF-1), interleukin-34 (IL-34), and CSF-1 receptor genes and gene productsGarceau, Valerie; Fares, Mario A. ; Hume, David A.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJul-2013Positive selection in the human protein-protein interaction networkLuisi, Pierre ; Alvarez-Ponce, David; Pybus, Marc ; Fares, Mario A. ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Laayouni, Hafid comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2013Positive selection in the human protein-protein interaction networkLuisi, Pierre ; Alvarez-Ponce, David; Pybus, Marc ; Fares, Mario A. ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Laayouni, Hafid póster de congreso
openAccessPlosOne_7_e35659.pdf.jpgApr-2012Proteome-Wide Analysis of Functional Divergence in Bacteria: Exploring a Host of Ecological AdaptationsCaffrey, Brian E.; Williams, Tom A.; Jiang, Xiaowei; Toft, Christina ; Hokamp, Karsten; Fares, Mario A. artículo
openAccessevv055.pdf.jpgApr-2015Recent Positive Selection Has Acted on Genes Encoding Proteins with More Interactions within the Whole Human InteractomeLuisi, Pierre ; Alvarez-Ponce, David; Pybus, Marc ; Fares, Mario A. ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Laayouni, Hafid artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1998The foot-and-mouth disease RNA virus as a model in experimental phylogeneticsFares, Mario A. ; Barrio, Eladio ; Becerra, Nelsson H.; Escarmís, Cristina; Domingo, Esteban ; Moya, Andrésartículo
openAccessThe_Phenotypic_Plasticity_of_Duplicated_Genes.pdf.jpg2017The Phenotypic Plasticity of Duplicated Genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the Origin of AdaptationsMattenberger, Florian; Sabater-Muñoz, Beatriz ; Toft, Christina ; Fares, Mario A. artículo
openAccessPlosGenetics_9_e1003176.pdf.jpgJan-2013The Roles of Whole-Genome and Small-Scale Duplications in the Functional Specialization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae GenesFares, Mario A. ; Keane, Orla M.; Toft, Christina ; Carretero-Paulet, Lorenzo ; Jones, Gary W.artículo
openAccesstranscripcerevis.pdf.jpg2020Transcriptional rewiring, adaptation, and the role of gene duplication in the metabolism of ethanol of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSabater-Muñoz, Beatriz ; Mattenberger, Florian; Fares, Mario A. ; Toft, Christina artículo