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openAccessSYMPATHOEXCITATION.pdf.jpg2013Chronic sympathoexcitation through loss of Vav3, a Rac1 activator, results in divergent effects on metabolic syndrome and obesity depending on dietMenacho-Márquez, Mauricio ; Nogueiras, Rubén; Fabbiano, Salvatore ; Sauzeau, Vincent; Al-Massadi, Omar; Diéguez, Carlos; Bustelo, Xosé R.  artículo
openAccessSMOOTHMUSCLE.pdf.jpg2014Genetic dissection of the Vav2-Rac1 signaling axis in vascular smooth muscle cellsFabbiano, Salvatore ; Menacho-Márquez, Mauricio ; Sevilla, Mª Ángeles; Montero, María J.; Bustelo, Xosé R.  artículo
openAccessHRassequen.pdf.jpg2017H-Ras and K-Ras oncoproteins induce different tumor spectra when driven by the same regulatory sequencesDrosten, Matthias; Simón-Carrasco, Lucía; Hernández-Porras, Isabel; Lechuga, Carmen G.; Blasco, María T.; Jacob, Harrys K. C.; Fabbiano, Salvatore ; Potenza, Nicoletta; Bustelo, Xosé R.  ; Guerra, Carmen ; Barbacid, Marianoartículo
openAccessAlarcón B Immunosuppression.pdf.jpg2015Immunosuppression-Independent Role of Regulatory T Cells against Hypertension-Driven Renal DysfunctionsFabbiano, Salvatore ; Alarcón, Balbino ; Bustelo, Xosé R.  artículo
openAccessDRIVENRENAL.pdf.jpg2015Immunosuppression-independent role of regulatory T cells against hypertension-driven renal dysfunctionsFabbiano, Salvatore ; Menacho-Márquez, Mauricio ; Robles-Valero, Javier ; Pericacho, Miguel ; Matesanz-Marín, Adela; García-Macías, Carmen; Sevilla, Mª Ángeles; Montero, María J.; Alarcón, Balbino ; López-Novoa, José M.; Martín, Pilar; Bustelo, Xosé R.  artículo
openAccessVavfamilyproteins.pdf.jpg2014The C-terminal SH3 domain contributes to the intramolecular inhibition of Vav family proteinsBarreira, María; Fabbiano, Salvatore ; Couceiro, José R.; Torreira, Eva ; Martínez-Torrecuadrada, Jorge Luis; Montoya, Guillermo; Llorca, Óscar ; Bustelo, Xosé R.  artículo