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closedAccessAcceso_restringido.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2021Characterizing hydrogen and tetrel bonds in clusters of CO2 with carboxylic acidsLi, Weixing; Melandri, Sonia; Evangelisti, Luca; Calabrese, Camilla CSIC ORCID; Vigorito, Annalisa; Maris, Assimoartículo
closedAccessAcceso_restringido.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2021Characterizing the lone pairπ-hole interaction in complexes of ammonia with perfluorinated arenesLi, Weixing; Usabiaga, Imanol; Calabrese, Camilla CSIC ORCID; Evangelisti, Luca; Maris, Assimo; Favero, Laura Bianca; Melandri, Soniaartículo
closedAccessAcceso_restringido.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2020Chlorination and tautomerism: a computational and UPS/XPS study of 2-hydroxypyridine ⇌ 2-pyridone equilibriumMelandri, Sonia; Evangelisti, Luca; Canola, Sofia; Sa'adeh, Hanan; Calabrese, Camilla CSIC ORCID; Coreno, Marcello; Grazioli, Cesare; Prince, Kevin C.; Negri, Fabrizia; Maris, Assimoartículo
closedAccessAcceso_restringido.pdf.jpgJun-2020Millimeter wave free-jet spectrum of acrolein and several isotopologuesEvangelisti, Luca; Maris, Assimo; Grieco, Francesco; Calabrese, Camilla CSIC ORCID; Melandri, Soniaartículo
openAccessMilimeter_butanediol_Postprint.pdf.jpg5-Apr-2020Millimeter wave free-jet spectrum of the isotopologues of 1,2-butanediolMaris, Assimo; Favero, Laura Bianca; Vigorito, Annalisa; Calabrese, Camilla CSIC ORCID; Evangelisti, Luca; Melandri, Soniaartículo
closedAccessAcceso_restringido.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2022Structure and dynamics of methacrylamide, a computational and free-jet rotational spectroscopic studyMaris, Assimo; Melandri, Sonia; Evangelisti, Luca; Vigorito, Annalisa; Sigismondi, Silvia; Calabrese, Camilla CSIC ORCID; Usabiaga, Imanolartículo
openAccessRole_NonCovalent_Calabrese.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2021The Role of Non-Covalent Interactions on Cluster Formation: Pentamer, Hexamers and Heptamer of DifluoromethaneCalabrese, Camilla CSIC ORCID; Temelso, Berhane; Usabiaga, Imanol; Seifert, Nathan A.; Basterretxea, Francisco J.; Prampolini, Giacomo; Shields, George C.; Pate, Brooks H.; Evangelisti, Luca; Cocinero, Emilio J. CSIC ORCID CVNartículo
closedAccessAcceso_restringido.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2020The Six Isomers of the Cyclohexanol Dimer: A Delicate Test for Dispersion ModelsJuanes, Marcos; Usabiaga, Imanol; León, Iker; Evangelisti, Luca; Fernández, José A.; Lesarri, Albertoartículo