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openAccessEOSCSynergy_WP6_Report_review_learning_platforms_initiatives.pdf.jpg27-May-2020EOSC Synergy WP6: Initial review of systems, initiatives and development of selection criteria of the online learning/training platforms and initiativesClare, Helen; Plóciennik, Marcin; Krzyżanek, Mateusz; Akwarski, Jacek; Bernal, Isabel  ; Cepinskas, Linas; Hof, Cees; Ruiz Manzanares, Gonzalo; Thomson, Chris; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessD6.1-Training materials and quality assurance-Final.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU DELIVERABLE: D6.1 Training materials and quality assurance guidelinesClare, Helen; Campos, Isabel  ; Moltó, Germán; Cauhe, Elisa; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP4-D4.2.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE D4.2 - First prototype of the EOSC Thematic services (Demonstration)Blanquer, Ignacio ; Campos, Isabel  ; Lloret Iglesias, Lara ; Plociennik, Marcin; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP1-D1.1.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2019EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE: D1.1 Exploitation and Dissemination PlanCampos, Isabel  ; Plociennik, Marcin; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP1-D1.4.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2019EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE: D1.4 Quality PlanGomes, Jorge; Campos, Isabel  ; Blanquer, Ignacio ; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP2-D2.1.pdf.jpg29-Feb-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE: D2.1 Roadmap for integration of national capacities into the EOSC and Policy Gap analysisHardt, Marcus; Pulapa, Agnieszka; Campos, Isabel  ; Plociennik, Marcin; Azevedo, Alberto; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP3-D3.1.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE: D3.1 Software Maturity baselineDavid, Mario; Campos, Isabel  ; Kozlov, Valentin; Calatrava, Amanda; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP3-D3.3.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE: D3.3 Intermediate report on technical framework for FAIR principles implementationCoen, Gerard; Steinhoff, Wilko; Tykhonov, Vyacheslav; Bernal, Isabel  ; Aguilar, Fernando  ; Azevedo, Alberto; Bernardo, Samuel; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP4-D4.1.pdf.jpg29-Feb-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE: D4.1 Best Practices Elicitation including Data Management PlansBlanquer, Ignacio ; Gomes, Jorge; David, Mario; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP5-D5.1.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. EU DELIVERABLE: D5.1 National/International engagement plan with policy makers and fundersHeikkurinen, Matti; Clare, Helen; Hardt, Marcus; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-Synergy-LandscapeReports_PL.pdf.jpg29-May-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. Landscaping Country Report PolandKupczyk, Mirosław; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-Synergy-LandscapeReports_SK.pdf.jpg28-May-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. Landscaping Country Report SlovakiaDobrucký, Miroslav; Hluchy, Ladislav; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessmanuscript.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020EOSC-synergy: A Set of Common Service Quality Assurance Baseline Criteria for Research ProjectsOrviz, Pablo ; David, Mario; Gomes, Jorge; Pina, Joao; Bernardo, Samuel; Campos, Isabel  ; Moltó, Germán; Caballer, Miguel; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-Synergy-LandscapeReports_ES.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2020EOSC-synergy: Landscaping Country Report for SpainBlanquer, Ignacio ; Campos, Isabel  ; Cuesta Ruíz, María; Figueroa Rojas, Inmaculada; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-Synergy-LandscapeReports_UK.pdf.jpg29-May-2020EOSC-Synergy: Landscaping Country Report United KingdomRobertson, Dale; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessIntegration_Data_Repositories_status_challenges.pdf.jpgFeb-2020Technical Integration of Data Repositories: status and challengesBernal, Isabel  ; Tykhonov, Slava; Aguilar, Fernando  ; EOSC-SYNERGYpresentación