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openAccessMontero-Serra_et_al_2018.pdf.jpgJan-2018Accounting for Life-History Strategies and Timescales in Marine RestorationMontero-Serra, Ignasi ; Garrabou, Joaquim  ; Doak, D. F.; Figuerola, Laura; Hereu, Bernat; Ledoux, J. B. ; Linares, Cristina artículo
openAccessOro 2020.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2020Breeding transients in capture–recapture modeling and their consequences for local population dynamicsOro, Daniel  ; Doak, D. F.artículo
openAccessVillellas_et_al_Demographic compensation among populations_EcoLetters2015.pdf.jpg2015Demographic compensation among populations: What is it, how does it arise and what are its implications?Villellas, Jesús ; Doak, D. F.; García González, María Begoña  ; Morris, W.F.artículo
openAccessPironon_Do geographic, climatic or historical_GEB2015.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2015Do geographic, climatic or historical ranges differentiate the performance of central versus peripheral populations?Pironon, S. ; Villellas, Jesús ; Morris, W.F.; Doak, D. F.; García González, María Begoña  artículo
closedAccess24-Oct-2016Ecology, evolution and conservation of species with extreme life-histories: the emblematic Mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrumMontero-Serra, Ignasi ; Linares, Cristina ; Doak, D. F.; Ledoux, J. B. ; Drap, P.; Garrabou, Joaquim  comunicación de congreso
openAccessLinares_et_al_2007.pdf.jpg2007Life history and viability of a long-lived marine invertebrate: The octocoral Paramuricea clavataLinares, Cristina ; Doak, D. F.; Coma, Rafael  ; Díaz, David ; Zabala, Mikelartículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg2015Long-term response of plant communities to herbivore exclusion at high elevation grasslandsPardo Guereño, Iker ; Doak, D. F.; García-González, Ricardo  ; Gómez García, Daniel  ; García González, María Begoña  artículo
openAccessMontero_et_al_2019_suppl.pdf.jpgMay-2019Marine protected areas enhance structural complexity but do not buffer the consequences of ocean warming for an overexploited precious coralMontero-Serra, Ignasi ; Garrabou, Joaquim  ; Doak, D. F.; Ledoux, J. B. ; Linares, Cristina artículo
openAccessMontero_et_al_2018_suppl1.pdf.jpgFeb-2018Strong linkages between depth, longevity and demographic stability across marine sessile speciesMontero-Serra, Ignasi ; Linares, Cristina ; Doak, D. F.; Garrabou, Joaquim  ; Ledoux, J. B. artículo
openAccessIMEDEA AM Genovart_etal_GCB_2017.pdf.jpgAug-2017Varying demographic impacts of different fisheries on three Mediterranean seabird speciesGenovart, Meritxell  ; Doak, D. F.; Igual, José Manuel ; Sponza, Stefano; Kralj, Jelena; Oro, Daniel  artículo