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openAccess1950-26-1_2-004.pdf.jpg1950A contribution to the fauna of Acrididae of Syria and neighbouring countriesDirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1970-46-1_4-005.pdf.jpg31-Dec-1971A new species of the genus Paulianiobia Dirsh and Descamps, 1968 from India (Orth. Acridoidea)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1965-41-004-033.pdf.jpg30-Apr-1966New genera and species of Acridoidea from Madagascar (Orthoptera)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1959-35-001-002.pdf.jpg31-Mar-1959New Genera and Species of Acridoidea from Tropical Africa (Orthoptera)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1964-40-3_4-018.pdf.jpg28-Feb-1965Note on three aberrant genera of Acridoidea from South and Central America (Orthoptera)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1961-37-004-020.pdf.jpg31-Dec-1961Notes on Acridoidea of Africa, Madagascar and Asia (Orthoptera)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1965-41-001-005.pdf.jpg31-May-1965Preliminary note for the revision of the genus Schistocerca Stäl, 1873 (Orth. Acridoidea)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1958-34-004-022.pdf.jpg31-Dec-1958Revision of the group Portheti (Orthoptera, Acridoidea)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1950-EXTRA-008.pdf.jpg1950Revision of the group Truxales (Orthoptera, acrididae)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1949-25-1_2-002.pdf.jpg1949Revision of western palaearctic species of the genus Acrida linne (Orthoptera, acrididae).Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1958-34-001-003.pdf.jpg31-Mar-1958Synonymic and taxonomic notes on Acridoidea (Orthoptera)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1964-40-1_2-008.pdf.jpg31-Aug-1964Systematic position and synonymy of the genus Modernacris (Orth. Acridoidea)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1967-43-3_4-016.pdf.jpg1-Oct-1968The post-embryonic ontogeny of Acridomorpha (Orthoptera)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1977-53-1_4-004.pdf.jpg30-Mar-1979The species and synonymy of the genus Cyrtacanthacris (Orth., Acrididae)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1964-40-1_2-009.pdf.jpg31-Aug-1964The structure of the phallic complex in the genus Thericles (Preliminary report) (Orth. Acridoidea)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1963-39-1_2-005.pdf.jpg30-Jun-1963Three new genera and species of the family Pneumoridae (Orth. Acridoidea)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo
openAccess1953-29-001-001.pdf.jpg1953Tree locusts of the genus Anacridium (Orthoptera, Acricliclae)Dirsh, V. M. ‎; Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1962-38-001-003.pdf.jpg31-Mar-1962Two new African genera of Acridoidea (Orthoptera)Dirsh, V. M. ‎artículo