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openAccessHarrison_et_al_PLOS_ 2011.pdf.jpg2011Coordination of cell differentiation and migration in mathematical models of caudal embryonic axis extensionHarrison, N. C.; Díez del Corral, Ruth ; Vasiev, B.artículo
openAccessFGF_RA_Morales_AV_JCellBiol_2011.pdf.jpg2011FGF and retinoic acid activity gradients control the timing of neural crest cell emigration in the trunkMartínez-Morales, Patricia L. ; Díez del Corral, Ruth ; Olivera-Martínez, I.; Quiroga, Alejandra C. ; Das, R. M.; Barbas, Julio A. ; Storey, Kate G.; Morales, Aixa V. artículo
openAccessBovolenta_FGFSignalingEnhancesaSonicHedgehog.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2015FGF signaling enhances a Shh negative feedback loop to control initiation of spinal cord ventral patterningMorales, Aixa V. ; Espeso-gil, S; Ocaña, Inmaculada; Nieto-López, Francisco ; Calleja, Enrique; Bovolenta, Paola ; Lewandoski, M; Díez del Corral, Ruth artículo
openAccess2020 Frontiers Res Topics Book ed.PDF.jpgSep-2020Generation of Neurons and Their Integration in Pre-Existing Circuits in the Postnatal Brain: Signalling in Physiological and Regenerative ContextsMira, Helena ; Díez del Corral, Ruth ; Morales, Aixa V. libro
openAccessNeural_Becker_Art2015.pdf.jpg2015Neural development and regeneration: It’s all in your spinal cordBecker, C.; Díez del Corral, Ruth artículo
openAccessDiez_Corral_2004_poster_SMB.pdf.jpg2004Propagation of a maturation wavefront during the extension of the vertebrate body axisDíez del Corral, Ruth póster de congreso
openAccessjdb-02-00174.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2014Retinoic Acid Signaling during Early Spinal Cord DevelopmentDíez del Corral, Ruth ; Morales, Aixa V. artículo
openAccessiroquiosiden.pdf.jpg1999The iroquois homeodomain proteins are required to specify body wall identity in DrosophilaDíez del Corral, Ruth ; Aroca, Pilar; Gómez-Skarmeta, José Luis  ; Cavodeassi, Florencia ; Modolell, Juan artículo
openAccessFGF_signaling_Diez.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2017The Multiple Roles of FGF Signaling in the Developing Spinal CordDíez del Corral, Ruth ; Morales, Aixa V. artículo
closedAccess2003Tufted Is a gain-of-function allele that promotes ectopic expression of the proneural gene amos in DrosophilaVilla-Cuesta, Eugenia; Navascués, Joaquín de ; Ruiz-Gómez, Mar ; Díez del Corral, Ruth ; Domínguez, María; Celis, José F. de ; Modolell, Juan artículo
openAccessHarrison_et_al 2009_posterCNIC.pdf.jpg2009Understanding regression of Hensen´s node and the caudal stem zone: a mathematical modelling approachHarrison, N. C.; Díez del Corral, Ruth ; Vasiev, B.póster de congreso