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openAccessRequenaJM_AnalysisbyRNA-seq.pdf.jpg6-May-2019Analysis by RNA-seq of transcriptomic changes elicited by heat shock in Leishmania majorRastrojo, Alberto ; Corvo, Laura ; Lombraña, Rodrigo ; Solana, José Carlos; Aguado, Begoña ; Requena, José María  artículo
openAccessSotoM_AnalysisOfTheAntigenic.pdf.jpg5-Apr-2018Analysis of the antigenic and prophylactic properties of the Leishmania translation initiation factors eIF2 and eIF2B in natural and experimental leishmaniasisGarde, Esther ; Ramírez, Laura ; Corvo, Laura ; Solana, José Carlos; Requena, José María  ; Soto, Manuel artículo
openAccessSoto M Coadministration.pdf.jpg8-May-2015Coadministration of the Three Antigenic Leishmania infantum Poly (A) Binding Proteins as a DNA Vaccine Induces Protection against Leishmania major Infection in BALB/c MiceSoto, Manuel ; Corvo, Laura ; Garde, Esther ; Ramírez, Laura ; Bonay, Pedro ; Alonso, Carlos ; Iborra, Salvadorartículo
openAccess1756-3305-7-3.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2014Cross-protective effect of a combined L5 plus L3 Leishmania major ribosomal protein based vaccine combined with a Th1 adjuvant in murine cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasisRamírez, Laura ; Corvo, Laura ; Duarte, Mariana C.; Chávez-Fumagalli, Miguel A.; Valadares, Diogo G.; Santos, Diego M.; Oliveira, Camila I. de; Escutia, Marta R.; Alonso, Carlos ; Bonay, Pedro ; Tavares, Carlos A. P.; Coelho, Eduardo A. F.; Soto, Manuel artículo
openAccessPedro_Bonay_Differential.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2012Differential trypanocidal activity of novel macrolide antibiotics; correlation to genetic lineageAquilino, Carolina; González Rubio, María Luisa; Seco, Elena María; Escudero, Leticia ; Corvo, Laura ; Soto, Manuel ; Fresno, Manuel ; Malpartida, Francisco; Bonay, Pedro artículo
openAccessEncapsulation of b-galactosidase in microgels prepared in Water-in-Water (W W) emulsions.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2019Encapsulation of b-galactosidase in microgels prepared in Water-in-Water (W/W) emulsionsBeldengrün, Yoran; Aragón, Jordi; Corvo, Laura ; Miquel, Cristina; Ros, Maite; Esquena, Jordi actas de congreso
openAccess17-Jul-2019Encapsulation of Water-in-Water EmulsionsMendoza, Paula; Corvo, Laura ; Ramírez, Carla; Miras Hernández, Jonathan ; Esquena, Jordi actas de congreso
openAccessRequenaJM_GenomicAndTranscriptomic.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2018Genomic and transcriptomic alterations in Leishmania donovani lines experimentally resistant to antileishmanial drugsRastrojo, Alberto ; Camacho, Esther; Corvo, Laura ; Aguado, Begoña ; Requena, José María  artículo
openAccess15-Feb-2015Interactions of human galectins with Trypanosoma cruziPineda, Miguel Ángel ; Corvo, Laura ; Soto, Manuel ; Fresno, Manuel ; Bonay, Pedro artículo
openAccessPolyelectrolyte capsules containing Water-in-Water (W W) emulsions.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2019Polyelectrolyte capsules containing Water-in-Water (W/W) emulsionsSalinas, Nestor; Mendoza, Paula; Corvo, Laura ; Ramírez, Carla; Miras Hernández, Jonathan ; Esquena, Jordi actas de congreso
openAccessSotoM_VaccinationWithALeishmania.pdf.jpg30-May-2017Vaccination with a Leishmania infantum HSP70-II null mutant confers long-term protective immunity against Leishmania major infection in two mice modelsSolana, José Carlos; Ramírez, Laura ; Corvo, Laura ; Oliveira, Camila I. de; Barral-Netto, Manoel; Requena, José María  ; Iborra, Salvador; Soto, Manuel artículo