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openAccessMatamorosMA_PlantPhys_2003_nota link.pdf.jpgOct-2003Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Antioxidants in the Rhizobia-Legume SymbiosisMatamoros Galindo, Manuel Ángel  ; Dalton, David A.; Ramos Escribano, Javier  ; Clemente, María Rebeca ; Rubio Luna, María Carmen  ; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  Artículo
openAccessRubioMC_NewPhytol_2009.pdf.jpgMar-2009Effects of salt stress on the expression of antioxidant genes and proteins in the model legume Lotus japonicusRubio Luna, María Carmen  ; Bustos-Sanmamed, Pilar ; Clemente, María Rebeca ; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  Artículo
openAccessClementeR_Tesis.pdf.jpgOct-2005Enzimas antioxidantes en leguminosasClemente, María Rebeca Tesis
closedAccessNov-2000Glutathione and Homoglutathione Synthetases of Legume Nodules. Cloning, Expression, and Subcellular LocalizationMorán, José F.  ; Iturbe-Ormaetxe, Iñaki ; Matamoros Galindo, Manuel Ángel  ; Rubio Luna, María Carmen  ; Clemente, María Rebeca ; Brewin, N. J.; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  Artículo
openAccessRubioMC_MPMI_2004.pdf.jpgDec-2004Localization of Superoxide Dismutases and Hydrogen Peroxide in Legume Root NodulesRubio Luna, María Carmen  ; James, Euan Kevin; Clemente, María Rebeca ; Bucciarelli, Bruna; Fedorova, María; Vance, Carroll P.; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  Artículo
closedAccessNov-2003Molecular Analysis of the Pathway for the Synthesis of Thiol Tripeptides in the Model Legume Lotus japonicusMatamoros Galindo, Manuel Ángel  ; Clemente, María Rebeca ; Sato, Shusei; Asamizu, Erika; Tabata, Satoshi; Ramos Escribano, Javier  ; Morán, José F.  ; Stiller, Jiri; Gresshoff, Peter M.; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  Artículo
openAccesslink-plant-phys-02.pdf.jpgJan-2007Phytochelatin Synthases of the Model Legume Lotus japonicus. A Small Multigene Family with Differential Response to Cadmium and Alternatively Spliced VariantsRamos Escribano, Javier  ; Clemente, María Rebeca ; Naya, Loreto ; Loscos Aranda, Jorge ; Pérez-Rontomé, Carmen ; Sato, Shusei; Tabata, Satoshi; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  Artículo
closedAccessFeb-2006A Reassessment of Substrate Specificity and Activation of Phytochelatin Synthases from Model Plants by Physiologically Relevant MetalsLoscos Aranda, Jorge ; Naya, Loreto ; Ramos Escribano, Javier  ; Clemente, María Rebeca ; Matamoros Galindo, Manuel Ángel  ; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  Artículo