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openAccessChatzievangelou_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgOct-20165 year-long monitoring of Barkley Canyon cold-seeps with the internet operated deep-sea crawler "Wally"Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Thomsen, L.; Purser, Autun; Doya, C. ; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Schwendner, Jakob; Duda, Alexander; Best, Mairi M.R.; de Leo, Fabio; Juniper, S. Kimcomunicación de congreso
openAccessChatzievangelou_et_al_2016.PDF.jpgOct-2016High-Frequency Patterns in the Abundance of Benthic Species near a Cold-Seep - An Internet Operated Vehicle ApplicationChatzievangelou, Damianos; Doya, C. ; Thomsen, L.; Purser, Autun; Aguzzi, Jacopo  artículo
closedAccess26-May-2019High-tech networks of robotic platforms for the monitoring of deep-sea crustacean populationsAguzzi, Jacopo  ; Thomsen, L.; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Río, Joaquín del; Company, Joan B.  ; Marini, Simone; Fanelli, Emanuela ; Floeghel, Sascha; Danovaro, Roberto; Rountree, R.A.; Juanes, Francis; de Leo, Fabiocomunicación de congreso
closedAccessJul-2020Implementation of the OBSEA coastal seafloor observatory to derive ecological indicatorsFrancescangeli, Marco; Río, Joaquín del; Nogueras, Marc; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Aguzzi, Jacopo  comunicación de congreso
openAccessChatzievangelou_et_al_2021.pdf.jpgMay-2021Integrating Diel Vertical Migrations of Bioluminescent Deep Scattering Layers Into Monitoring ProgramsChatzievangelou, Damianos; Bahamon, Nixon  ; Martini, Séverine; Río, Joaquín del; Riccobene, Giorgio; Tangherlini, Michael; Danovaro, Roberto; de Leo, Fabio; Pirenne, Benoit; Aguzzi, Jacopo  artículo
openAccessAguzzi_et_al_2019_postprint.pdf.jpgMay-2019New High-Tech Flexible Networks for the Monitoring of Deep-Sea EcosystemsAguzzi, Jacopo  ; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Marini, Simone; Fanelli, Emanuela ; Danovaro, Roberto; Flögel, Sascha; Lebris, Nadine; de Leo, Fabio; Río, Joaquín del; Thomsen, L.; Costa, Corrado; Riccobene, Giorgio; Tamburini, Cristian; Lefevre, Dominique; Gojak, Carl; Poulain, Pierre-Marie; Favali, Paolo; Griffa, A.; Purser, Autun; Cline, Danelle; Edgington, Duane; Navarro, Joan  ; Stefanni, Sergio; D’Hondt, Steve; Priede, Imants G.; Rountree, R.A.; Company, Joan B.  artículo
closedAccess2019Quality control and pre-analysis treatment of 5-year long environmental datasets collected by an Internet Operated Deep-sea CrawlerChatzievangelou, Damianos; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Thomsen, L.capítulo de libro
openAccessChatzievangelou_et_al_2020.pdf.jpg25-May-2020Quality Control and Pre-Analysis Treatment of the Environmental Datasets Collected by an Internet Operated Deep-Sea Crawler during Its Entire 7-Year Long Deployment (2009-2016)Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Scherwath, Martin; Thomsen, L.artículo
openAccessAguzzi_et_al_2021.pdf.jpgMay-2021Research trends and future perspectives in marine biomimicking roboticsAguzzi, Jacopo  ; Costa, Corrado; Calisti, Marcello; Funari, Valerio; Stefanni, Sergio; Danovaro, Roberto; Gomes, Helena I.; Vecchi, Fabrizio; Dartnel, Lewis R.; Weiss, Peter; Nowak, Kathrin; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Marini, Simoneartículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0176917.pdf.jpg2017Seasonal monitoring of deep-sea megabenthos in Barkley Canyon cold seep by internet operated vehicle (IOV)Doya, C. ; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Bahamon, Nixon  ; Purser, Autun; de Leo, Fabio; Juniper, S. Kim; Thomsen, L.; Aguzzi, Jacopo  artículo
closedAccessSep-2014Seasonal pattern in the small-scale use of space by benthic squat lobster and flatfishes in Saanich Inlet (Vancouver Island)Chatzievangelou, Damianostesis de maestría
openAccessAguzzi_et_al_2020_suppl.pdf.jpgMar-2020The Hierarchic Treatment of Marine Ecological Information from Spatial Networks of Benthic PlatformsAguzzi, Jacopo  ; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Francescangeli, Marco; Marini, Simone; Bonofiglio, Federico; Río, Joaquín del; Danovaro, Robertoartículo
openAccessAguzzi_et_al_2020_suppl.pdf.jpgDec-2020The potential of video imagery from worldwide cabled observatory networks to provide information supporting fish-stock and biodiversity assessmentAguzzi, Jacopo  ; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Company, Joan B.  ; Thomsen, L.; Marini, Simone; Bonofiglio, Federico; Juanes, Francis; Rountree, R.A.; Berry, Alan; Chumbinho, Rogerio; Lordan, Colm; Doyle, Jennifer; Río, Joaquín del; Navarro, Joan  ; de Leo, Fabio; Bahamon, Nixon  ; García, José A.  ; Danovaro, Roberto; Francescangeli, Marco; López-Vázquez, Vanesa; Gaughan, Paulartículo
closedAccessFeb-2016The seasonal use of small-scale space by benthic species in a transiently hypoxic areaDoya, C. ; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Costa, Corrado; Company, Joan B.  ; Tunnicliffe, V.artículo
openAccessChatzievangelou_et_al_2020_preprint.pdf.jpgMay-2020Visual monitoring of key deep-sea megafauna with an Internet Operated crawler as a tool for ecological status assessmentChatzievangelou, Damianos; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Ogston, Andrea S.; Suárez, Alejandro; Thomsen, L.artículo