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openAccessTouriño_Sonia_et_al.pdf.jpgSep-2008Antioxidant/prooxidant effects of bioactive polyphenolicsTouriño, Sonia; Lizárraga, Daneida; Carreras, Anna ; Matito Sánchez, Cecilia; Ugartondo, Vanessa; Mitjans, Montserrat; Centelles, Josep J.; Vinardell, M. Pilar ; Juliá, Lluís ; Cascante, Marta ; Torres, Josep Lluís artículo
closedAccess14-Jul-2005Effect of new antioxidant cysteinyl-flavanol conjugates on skin cancer cellsLozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís ; Juliá, Lluís ; Jiménez, Aurora; Centelles, Josep J.; Cascante, Marta artículo
closedAccess1-Jun-2006Electron-transfer capacity of catechin derivatives and influence on the cell cycle and apoptosis in HT29 cellsLozano, Carles; Juliá, Lluís ; Jiménez, Aurora; Touriño, Sonia; Centelles, Josep J.; Cascante, Marta ; Torres, Josep Lluís artículo
closedAccess25-Sep-2002Fermented wheat germ extract inhibits glycolysis/pentose cycle enzymes and induces apoptosis through poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activation in Jurkat T-cell leukemia tumor cellsComín Anduix, Begoña; Boros, László G.; Marin, Silvia; Boren, Joan; Callol Massot, Carles; Centelles, Josep J.; Torres, Josep Lluís ; Agell, Neus; Bassilian, Sara; Cascante, Marta artículo
openAccessLizarraga_et_al.pdf.jpgSep-2008Polymerization and galloylation: two important aspects for antiproliferative properties of procyanidin-rich natural extractsLizárraga, Daneida; Lozano, Carles; Touriño, Sonia; Centelles, Josep J.; Torres, Josep Lluís ; Cascante, Marta artículo
openAccessUntargeted_Jayaraman.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2018Untargeted metabolomics reveals distinct metabolic reprogramming in endothelial cells co-cultured with CSC and non-CSC prostate cancer cell subpopulationsJayaraman, Anusha; Kumar, Praveen; Marin, Silvia; Atauri, Pedro de; Mateo, Francesca ; Thomson, Timothy M.  ; Centelles, Josep J.; Graham, Stewart F.; Cascante, Marta artículo