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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017All-carbon electrode molecular electronic devices based on Langmuir–Blodgett monolayersSangiao, S.; Martín, Santiago; González-Orive, Alejandro; Magen, Cesar; Low, Paul J.; Teresa, José María de; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessControlling structural and electrica.pdf.jpg2013Controlling the structural and electrical properties of diacid oligo(phenylene ethynylene) Langmuir-Blodgett filmsBallesteros, Luz M.; Martín, Santiago; Low, Paul J.; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessBlodgettFilms.pdf.jpg2016Design and synthesis of Aviram-Ratner-type dyads and rectification studies in Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) filmsMartín, Santiago; González-Orive, Alejandro; Perez Murano, Francesc X. ; Cea, Pilar; Diederich, FrançoisArtículo
openAccessLangmuir–Blodgett.pdf.jpg2015Electrical characterization of single molecule and Langmuir-Blodgett monomolecular films of a pyridine-terminated oligo(phenylene-ethynylene) derivativeOsorio, Henrry M.; Martín, Santiago; López, M. Carmen; Marqués-González, Santiago; Higgins, Simon J.; Nichols, Richard J.; Low, Paul J.; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessoptimizedgatecoupling.pdf.jpg2015Electrochemical single-molecule transistors with optimized gate couplingOsorio, Henrry M.; Cea, Pilar; Hartl, František; Low, Paul J.; Martín, Santiago; Nichols, Richard J.Artículo
openAccessFABRICACIÓN ELECTRODO SUPERIOR.pdf.jpg2014Fabricación del electrodo superior en dispositivos moleculares mediante la formación de enlaces covalentes σ C-AuOsorio, Henrry M.; Ballesteros, Luz M.; Perez Murano, Francesc X. ; Low, Paul J.; Cea, Pilar; Martín, SantiagoPóster
openAccessorganometallic monolayer.pdf.jpg2014From an organometallic monolayer to an organic monolayer covered by metal nanoislands: A simple thermal protocol for the fabrication of the top contact electrode in molecular electronic devicesBallesteros, Luz M.; Martín, Santiago; Perez Murano, Francesc X. ; Low, Paul J.; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessnanodeposit.pdf.jpg2017High surface coverage of a self-assembled monolayer by in situ synthesis of palladium nanodepositsHerrer, I. Lucía; Sebastian, Victor; Martín, Santiago; González-Orive, Alejandro; Perez Murano, Francesc X. ; Low, Paul J.; Serrano, José Luis; Santamaría, Jesús; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessinfluenjunction.pdf.jpg2017Influence of surface coverage on the formation of 4,4’-bipyridinium (viologen) single molecular junctionsOsorio, Henrry M.; Martín, Santiago; Milan, David C.; González-Orive, Alejandro; Gluyas, Josef B. G.; Higgins, Simon J.; Low, Paul J.; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessbulkymetal.pdf.jpg2016Low variability of single-molecule conductance assisted by bulky metal-molecule contactsFerradás, R. ; Marqués-González, Santiago; Osorio, Henrry M.; Ferrer, Jaime ; Cea, Pilar; Milan, David C.; Vezzoli, Andrea; Higgins, Simon J.; Nichols, Richard J.; Low, Paul J.; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Martín, SantiagoArtículo
openAccessNanofabricationelectrochemical.pdf.jpg2016Nanofabrication and electrochemical characterization of self-assembled monolayers sandwiched between metal nanoparticles and electrode surfacesCea, Pilar; Martín, Santiago; González-Orive, Alejandro; Osorio, Henrry M.Artículo
openAccessNanofabricationtechniques.pdf.jpg2014Nanofabrication techniques of highly organized monolayers sandwiched between two electrodes for molecular electronicsCea, Pilar; Ballesteros, Luz M.; Martín, SantiagoArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Photochemical behaviour of an acid-terminated azopolymer in solution and in Langmuir-Blodgett filmsHaro Remón, Marta ; Gascón, Ignacio; Oriol, Luis; Cea, PilarArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Preparation and characterization of Langmuir and Langmuir–Blodgettfilms from apyridine-terminatedstilbenePera, Gorka; Cea, Pilar; Ballesteros, Luz M.; López, M. Carmen; Royo, Félix M.; Oriol, LuisArtículo
openAccessnascent molecular electronic.pdf.jpg2014Preparation of nascent molecular electronic devices from gold nanoparticles and terminal alkyne functionalised monolayer filmsCea, Pilar; Ballesteros, Luz M.; Gascón, Ignacio; Perez Murano, Francesc X. ; Low, Paul J.; Martín, SantiagoArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Reversible monolayer–bilayer transition in supported phospholipid LB films under the presence of water: Morphological and nanomechanical behaviorRuiz Rincón, Silvia; González-Orive, Alejandro; Fuente, Jesús M. de la; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessSimplifying the conductance.pdf.jpg2013Simplifying the conductance profiles of molecular junctions: The use of the trimethylsilylethynyl moiety as a molecule-gold contactMartín, Santiago; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Cea, Pilar; Low, Paul J.Artículo
openAccessSingle Gol atom containing.pdf.jpg2014Single gold atom containing oligo(phenylene)ethynylene: Assembly into LB films and electrical characterizationBallesteros, Luz M.; Martín, Santiago; Low, Paul J.; Cea, PilarArtículo
openAccessBearing3.pdf.jpg2017Single-molecule conductance studies of organometallic complexes bearing 3-thienyl contacting groupsBock, Sören; Al-Owaedi, Oday A.; Eaves, Samantha G.; Milan, David C.; Lemmer, Mario; Skelton, Brian W.; Osorio, Henrry M.; Nichols, Richard J.; Higgins, Simon J.; Cea, Pilar; Long, Nicholas J.; Albrecht, Tim; Martín, Santiago; Lambert, Colin J.; Low, Paul J.Artículo
openAccessOligoyneBasedMolecular.pdf.jpg2016Solvent dependence of the single molecule conductance of oligoyne-based molecular wiresMilan, David C.; Al-Owaedi, Oday A.; Oerthel, Marie-Christine; Marqués-González, Santiago; Brooke, Richard J.; Bryce, Martin R.; Cea, Pilar; Ferrer, Jaime ; Higgins, Simon J.; Lambert, Colin J.; Low, Paul J.; Manrique, D. Zs.; Martín, Santiago; Nichols, Richard J.; Schwarzacher, Walther; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  Artículo