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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJan-2019Alien Plant Species: Environmental Risks in Agricultural and Agro-Forest Landscapes Under Climate ChangeVicente, Joana R.; Vaz, Ana S.; Queiroz, Ana Isabel; Buchadas, Ana R.C.; Guisan, Antoine; Kueffer, Christoph; Marchante, Elizabete; Marchante, Hélia; Cabral, Joao A.; Nesper, Maike; Broennimann, Olivier; Godoy, Óscar ; Alves, Paulo J.M.; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Henriques, Renato; Honrado, Joao P.capítulo de libro
closedAccessJan-2006Costs of Reproduction as Related to the Timing of Phenological Phases in the Dioecious Shrub Pistacia lentiscus L.Milla, Rubén; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Maestro Martínez, Melchor ; Montserrat-Martí, Gabriel  artículo
openAccessdescomposition biological colonization native exotic litter central spain, vazquez-de-aldana.pdf.jpg2015Decomposition and biological colonization of native and exotic leaf litter in a Central Spain streamMedina Villar, S.; Alonso, Álvaro; Vázquez de Aldana, Beatriz R.  ; Pérez Corona, M. Esther ; Castro-Díez, Pilarartículo
closedAccessDec-2005Does the Gradualness of Leaf Shedding Govern Nutrient Resorption from Senescing Leaves in Mediterranean Woody Plants?Milla, Rubén; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Maestro Martínez, Melchor ; Montserrat-Martí, Gabriel  artículo
closedAccess2005Environmental Constraints on Phenology and Internal Nutrient Cycling in the Mediterranean Winter-Deciduous Shrub Amelanchier ovalis MedicusMilla, Rubén; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Maestro Martínez, Melchor ; Montserrat-Martí, Gabriel  artículo
openAccessFlowering_phenology.pdf.jpg2009Flowering phenology of invasive alien plant species compared with native species in three Mediterranean-type ecosystemsGodoy, Óscar ; Richardson, David M.; Valladares Ros, Fernando  ; Castro-Díez, Pilarartículo
closedAccessMar-2006Interactive effects of shade and irrigation on the performance of seedlings of three Mediterranean Quercus speciesCastro-Díez, Pilar; Navarro, Javier; Pintado, Ana; Sancho, Leopoldo G.; Maestro Martínez, Melchor artículo
closedAccess2011Is leaf dry matter content a better predictor of soil fertility than specific leaf area?Hodgson, J. G.; Montserrat-Martí, Gabriel  ; Charles, M.; Jones, G.; Wilson, P.; Shipley, B.; Sharafi, M.; Cerabolini, B. E. L.; Cornelissen, J. H. C.; Band, S. R.; Bogard, A.; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Guerrero Campo, Joaquín; Palmer, C.; Pérez-Rontomé, Carmen ; Carter, G.; Hynd, A.; Romo, Àngel  ; Torres Espuny, L. de; Royo Pla, F.artículo
openAccessMulti-species_comparison_reveals.pdf.jpgDec-2011Multispecies comparison reveals that invasive and native plants differ in their traits but not in their plasticityGodoy, Óscar ; Valladares Ros, Fernando  ; Castro-Díez, Pilarartículo
closedAccess2010Phenology of Mediterranean woody plants from NE Spain: Synchrony, seasonality, and relationships among phenophasesMilla, Rubén; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Montserrat-Martí, Gabriel  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Predicting invasiveness of Australian acacias on the basis of their native climatic affinities, life history traits and human useCastro-Díez, Pilar; Godoy, Óscar ; Saldaña, Asunción; Richardson, david M.artículo
openAccessj.1469-8137.2005.01477.x.pdf.jpgOct-2005Relationships between phenology and the remobilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in branches of eight Mediterranean evergreensMilla, Rubén; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Maestro Martínez, Melchor ; Montserrat-Martí, Gabriel  artículo
openAccess573.full.pdf.jpgApr-2010Stomatal vs. genome size in angiosperms: the somatic tail wagging the genomic dog?Hodgson, J. G.; Montserrat-Martí, Gabriel  ; Castro-Díez, Pilar; Pérez-Rontomé, Carmen ; Guerrero Campo, Joaquín; Romo, Àngel  ; Torres Espuny, L. de; Simmons, E.artículo
openAccessThe_relative_importance.pdf.jpgSep-2012The relative importance for plant invasiveness of trait means, and their plasticity and integration in a multivariate frameworkGodoy, Óscar ; Valladares Ros, Fernando  ; Castro-Díez, Pilarartículo