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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013A slender tract of glycine residues is required for translocation of the VP2 protein N-terminal domain through the parvovirus MVM capsid channel to initiate infectionCastellanos, Milagros; Pérez, Rebeca ; Rodríguez-Huete, Alicia ; Grueso, Esther; Almendral, José M. ; Mateu, Mauricio G. artículo
openAccessCarrilloetal2017.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2017Amino Acid Side Chains Buried along Intersubunit Interfaces in a Viral Capsid Preserve Low Mechanical Stiffness Associated with Virus InfectivityCarrillo, Pablo J .P.; Medrano, María; Valbuena, Alejandro ; Rodríguez-Huete, Alicia ; Castellanos, Milagros; Pérez, Rebeca ; Mateu, Mauricio G. artículo
openAccessbiomolecules-08-00013.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2018Amyloid Assembly Endows Gad m 1 with Biomineralization PropertiesCastellanos, Milagros; Torres-Pardo, Almudena; Rodríguez-Pérez, Rosa; Gasset, M. artículo
openAccessEukaryotic_Castellanos_PV_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Eukaryotic transcription factors can track and control their target genes using DNA antennasCastellanos, Milagros; Mothi, Nivin; Muñoz, Víctorartículo
openAccesssmw-2015-14128.pdf.jpg2015Fish β-parvalbumin acquires allergenic properties by amyloid assemblyMartínez, Javier ; Sánchez, Rosa ; Castellanos, Milagros; Fernández-Escamilla, A. M.; Vázquez-Cortés, S.; Fernández-Rivas, M.; Gasset, M. artículo
openAccessMauricio G_Mateo_Mechanical.pdf.jpg2012Mechanical disassembly of single virus particles reveals kinetic intermediates predicted by theoryCastellanos, Milagros; Pérez, Rebeca ; Carrillo, Pablo J .P.; Pablo, Pedro J. de; Mateu, Mauricio G. artículo
openAccessMauricio_Mateu_G_Mechanical_elasticity.pdf.jpg2012Mechanical elasticity as a physical signature of conformational dynamics in a virus particleCastellanos, Milagros; Pérez, Rebeca ; Carrasco, Carolina; Herando-Pérez, Mercedes; Gómez-Herrero, Julio; Pablo, Pedro J. de; Mateu, Mauricio G. artículo
openAccessfilms_copper-Iodine_polymer_thermochromic.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2019Micro and nano smart composite films based on copper-iodine coordination polymer as thermochromic biocompatible sensorsConesa-Egea, Javier; Moreno-Vázquez, Alberto; Fernández-Moreira, Vanesa ; Ballesteros, Yolanda; Castellanos, Milagros; Zamora, Félix; Amo-Ochoa, Pilarartículo
openAccessMultifunctional_Latorre_Art2019.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2019Multifunctional albumin-stabilized gold nanoclusters for the reduction of cancer stem cellsLatorre, Ana; Latorre, Alfonso; Castellanos, Milagros; Rodriguez Diaz, Ciro; Lazaro-Carrillo, A.; Aguado, Tania; Lecea, Mercedes; Romero-Pérez, Sonia; Calero, Macarena; Sánchez-Puelles, José María  ; Villanueva, Ángeles; Somoza, Álvaroartículo
openAccesssrep13623.pdf.jpg2015PrP charge structure encodes interdomain interactionsMartínez, Javier ; Sánchez, Rosa ; Castellanos, Milagros; Makarava, N.; Aguzzi, A.; Baskakov, I.V.; Gasset, M. artículo
openAccessMateu Mauricio G Quantitatively.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2015Quantitatively probing propensity for structural transitions in engineered virus nanoparticles by single-molecule mechanical analysisCastellanos, Milagros; Carrillo, Pablo J .P.; Mateu, Mauricio G. artículo
openAccess663768.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2017Structural basis for biologically relevant mechanical stiffening of a virus capsid by cavity-creating or spacefilling mutationsGuerra, Pablo ; Valbuena, Alejandro ; Querol-Audí, Jordi ; Silva, Cristina; Castellanos, Milagros; Rodríguez-Huete, Alicia ; Garriga, Damià; Mateu, Mauricio G. ; Verdaguer, Núria  artículo