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openAccessCollective_Campbell_Art2019.pdf.jpg2019Collective cell migration and metastases induced by an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in Drosophila intestinal tumorsCampbell, Kyra; Rossi, Fabrizio; Adams, Jamie; Pitsidianaki, Ioanna; Barriga, Francisco M.; Garcia-Gerique, Laura; Batlle, Eduard; Casanova, Jordi  ; Casali, Andreu artículo
openAccessMartorell-PLoS-One-2014-v9-e88413.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2014Conserved mechanisms of tumorigenesis in the Drosophila adult midgutMartorell, Òscar; Merlos-Suárez, Anna; Campbell, Kyra; Barriga, Francisco M.; Christov, Christo P.; Miguel-Aliaga, Irene; Batlle, Eduard; Casanova, Jordi  ; Casali, Andreu artículo
openAccessMoussian-PLoS-Genetics-2015-v11-e1004939.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2015Deciphering the Genetic Programme Triggering Timely and Spatially-Regulated Chitin DepositionMoussian, Bernard; Letizia, Annalisa  ; Martínez-Corrales, Guillermo; Rotstein, Bárbara; Casali, Andreu ; Llimargas, Marta  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2018EXD2 governs germ stem cell homeostasis and lifespan by promoting mitoribosome integrity and translationSilva, Joana; Aivio, Suvi; Knobel, Philip A.; Bailey, Laura J.; Casali, Andreu ; Vinaixa, María; García-Cao, Isabel; Coyaud, Étienne; Jourdain, Alexis A.; Pérez-Ferreros, Pablo; Rojas, A. M. ; Antolin-Fontes, Albert; Samino-Gené, Sara; Raught, Brian; González-Reyes, Acaimo ; Ribas de Pauplana, Lluís; Doherty, Aidan; Yanes, Óscar; Stracker, Travis H.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2014Iro/IRX transcription factors negatively regulate Dpp/TGF-β pathway activity during intestinal tumorigenesisMartorell, Òscar; Barriga, Francisco M.; Merlos-Suárez, Anna; Attolini, Camille Stephan Otto; Casanova, Jordi  ; Batlle, Eduard; Sancho, Elena; Casali, Andreu artículo
openAccessCasali_Andreu_et_al.pdf.jpgMay-2001The spatial control of Torso RTK activation: a C-terminal fragment of the Trunk protein acts as a signal for Torso receptor in the Drosophila embryoCasali, Andreu ; Casanova, Jordi  artículo