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openAccessPLOS One (2012)7(7) e40526_ Rodrigo et al.pdf.jpg2012A meta-analysis reveals the commonalities and differences in arabidopsis thaliana response to different viral pathogensRodrigo, Guillermo ; Carrera, Javier ; Ruiz-Ferrer, Virginia; Toro, Francisco del; Llave, César ; Voinnet, Olivier; Elena, Santiago F.  artículo
openAccessCurrentOpinionPlantBiol_14_372_2011.pdf.jpgAug-2011A systems biology approach to the evolution of plant–virus interactionsElena, Santiago F.  ; Carrera, Javier ; Rodrigo, Guillermo artículo
openAccess1743-422X-5-92.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2008Changes in the gene expression profile of Arabidopsis thaliana after infection with Tobacco etch virusAgudelo-Romero, Patricia ; Carbonell-Bejerano, Pablo ; Iglesia, Francisca de la ; Carrera, Javier ; Rodrigo, Guillermo ; Jaramillo, Alfonso; Pérez-Amador, Miguel A. ; Elena, Santiago F.  artículo
openAccessCuevas et al J Gen Virol.pdf.jpgSep-2012Computational design of genomic transcriptional networks with adaptation to varying environmentsCarrera, Javier ; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Jaramillo, Alfonsoartículo
openAccessCarrera Elena Sci Rep.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2012Computational design of host transcription-factors sets whose misregulation mimics the transcriptomic effect of viral infectionsCarrera, Javier ; Elena, Santiago F.  artículo
openAccessNAR_39_e138_2011.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2011Computational design of synthetic regulatory networks from a genetic library to characterize the designability of dynamical behaviorsRodrigo, Guillermo ; Carrera, Javier ; Jaramillo, Alfonsoartículo
openAccessFine-tuning.pdf.jpgJun-2012Fine-tuning tomato agronomic properties by computational genome redesignCarrera, Javier ; Fernández-del-Carmen, Asun ; Fernández-Muñoz, Rafael; Rambla, José Luis ; Pons, Clara ; Jaramillo, Alfonso; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Granell, Antonio artículo
openAccessNAR_37_e38_2009.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2009Model-based redesign of global transcription regulationCarrera, Javier ; Rodrigo, Guillermo ; Jaramillo, Alfonsoartículo
openAccessRodrigo_Biochimie_MiniReview-revisedSFE.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2010Network design meets in silico evolutionary biologyRodrigo, Guillermo ; Carrera, Javier ; Elena, Santiago F.  artículo
openAccessJRSocInterface_8_257_2011-1.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2011Optimal viral strategies for bypassing RNA silencingRodrigo, Guillermo ; Carrera, Javier ; Jaramillo, Alfonso; Elena, Santiago F.  artículo
openAccessgb-2009-10-9-r96.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2009Reverse-engineering the Arabidopsis thaliana transcriptional network under changing environmental conditionsCarrera, Javier ; Rodrigo, Guillermo ; Jaramillo, Alfonso; Elena, Santiago F.  artículo
openAccess1752-0509-4-48.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2010Robust dynamical pattern formation from a multifunctional minimal genetic circuitRodrigo, Guillermo ; Carrera, Javier ; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Jaramillo, Alfonsoartículo